Open Thread

One writer suggested a thread so here it is:

So I'll throw out to everyone reading this blog, what can you do personally to make things better for our schools, rather than just criticize?


Christina said…
Eh, I'm already volunteering at the school (and I work full-time), and engage in fundraising activities. Should I go beyond the teacher-assigned 20-30 minutes of reading with my wee one, and start using The Well-Trained Mind and Singapore Math at home? That's helping only one child though, and not a school...
Anonymous said…
You can read this blog and learn all you can about the issues

You can vote for the School Board Directors that you feel will serve our district best.

You can go to your schools PTA or Site Council meetings and learn about issues not only at the building level, but at the district level too.

You can join community organizations such as CPPS, that support public schools.

You can volunteer on our school Bond/Levy campaigns

Be sure to let your school and/or district know the things you feel ARE working.
Anonymous said…
You can support other schools by contributing supplies if your own school has an abundance (art supplies, reams of white paper and new fiction for the library are always desirable.) You can buy tickets to Rainier Beach's production of "Dreamgirls" even if you have no intention of going. When making the annual fundraising "asks" to notable non-profits you can let them know of other needy schools as well.
Anonymous said…
You can go to and donate for specific needs listed by specific schools.
Anonymous said…
You can support legislation that funds education adequately.

Helen Schinske
Anonymous said…
Wow! Just visited the School Kids Come First site. Fabulous! I will be asking other parents at our school to support this program.

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