SB Candidates on KUOW Today at 1 PM

From KUOW:

Seattle School Board members work long hours and face harsh personal criticism. They're making policy decisions about a complex urban school district. They do the job as volunteers. Who would want the job? I'm Ross Reynolds. Today on The Conversation you'll meet four people running for Seattle School Board. Two of them will be elected. Incumbent Darlene Flynn faces Sherry Carr. And there's an open seat contested by David Blomstrom and Harium Martin-Morris. Should there be more schools closed in Seattle? Why is there an achievement gap and what can be done about it? Should students have to pass a standardized test to graduate? We'll get the answers to these questions and more, after this hours news.

The Conversation is from 1-2 p.m. on 94.9 FM. They also archive these interviews for listening later on.


Anonymous said…
How disappointing. Blomstrom appears, Howard Hughes-like, but seems almost sane. I was really hoping for some of his trademark insanity to entertain me at work.
Anonymous said…
Some of Darlene's comments were particularly interesting. She said that progress has been made at the leadership level about equity. When pressed about what happens in the classroom, she pretty much said that will take time. Is she really now willing to acknowledge that change doesn't happen quickly, or is this just a stance for campaigning? She has been brutal toward staff about this issue in ways that have not been helpful.

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