Snow Day Tomorrow as Well

Seattle Schools will be closed tomorrow.
Tuesday, November 23rd

As well, the John Stanford Center is also closed (the better to fend off unpleasant phone calls).


Sue said…
I thought that was why they canceled the NSAP meeting at Ingraham as well- didn't want to face the crowd! (ha-ha)
Anonymous said…
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SolvayGirl said…
I'm reposting for Anonymous since they should be deleted—then I'll comment:
A said: "I find your comment "the better to fend off unpleasant phone calls" offensive. There are hundreds of people who work in that building. People you have never met, who work very hard at their jobs. Much of the city is shut down today. Emergency officials recommend if individuals can avoid traveling today they should. I don't think it is unreasonable or malicious that the John Stanford building is closed."

Lighten up—she was making a joke!
karyn king said…
Take a chill pill, Anonymous. Melissa was making a joke ~ nobody doubts that the worker bees at JSCEE are hard-working. Did you stand up for teachers when they're being bashed on a regular basis? Relax and enjoy your snow day. And if it's not closed tomorrow and you don't think it's safe to drive or be out in sub-freezing temps, take a sick day. No job is so important that you should put yourself at risk!
I didn't say it was. I meant so that the Board, the Super and Brad B. don't have to answer hard questions.

FYI, no Anonymous posts.
seattle citizen said…
In order to avoid calls about the misleading 17% figure, Seattle Public Schools just announced that "due to snow" (ha!) there will be no one in the JSCEE building Wednesday to take your calls...or in any other building, for that matter!

No school Wednesday! Snow (job) day!
ArchStanton said…
Seattle Public Schools closed Wednesday.
Josh Hayes said…
I'm just a bit curious about the consequences of two half-days of "snow day" for middle and high schools. Will those schools have a day added at the end of the year, a day that WON'T be added for elementary and k-8 schools, since they were already out of school and therefore didn't miss any? Or what?
Anonymous said…
What about conferences? Are elementaries having more days off during which time they can hold conferences that were missed?

Inquiring Mind
Eric B said…
I'll admit I snorked at the comment about the JSCEE being closed. But then I thought it was a pretty low blow. And the real issue is that you want to be taken seriously as a reporter, and this will give people who don't want that an easy excuse to pitch your press pass application into the round file.

So can I start more sentences with conjunctions? Yes I can!
SP said…
Good question about making up the missed days (actually its now 2 full days & one 1/2 day) for MS & HS.

It will be interesting to see how the district accounts for it at the end of the year, to still get to the required 180 days (actually 177 because Seattle has 3 waiver days).

In Shoreline district after their audit which came down hard on their non-instructional time being counted incorrectly, they were very careful to account for all the snow days & partial days. Will Seattle do this also?

In addition to the 3 day waiver for all schools (for PD), Seattle also has a 3 day waiver (from the 180 day rule) just for elementary schools specifically for conference time. I'm wondering how the middle school part of the K-8's got off 3 full days also for conferences? The MS part of the K-8's already are shortchanged by 1/2 hr. daily compared to the regular MS 6-1/2 hr schedules. Does anyone know how they can do this? Some regular middle schools have also wanted to take time off for conferences and were told that the waiver was only for elementary lschools, not for middle schools, so why does it extend to the middle school kids in K-8's?

I also wonder how so many middle schools are allowed to take 1 & 2 day "slow start" days off for the 7th & 8th grades at the beginning of the year? Doesn't the 180 day rule mean 180 days, and not just for some schools, but not for others...?
Chana said…
I just got a call from Seattle Public schools saying a 2 hour late start tomorrow, Tuesday. Is there or is there not school tomorrow for Seattle Public schools?

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