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Primary Endorsements from The Stranger

From The Stranger:
First, let us repeat the long-standing, deeply considered, and eternally unchanging opinion of the SECB as it relates to people clamoring to be let on the Seattle School Board: They are fucking crazy.

District I: Sharon Peaslee

District II: Kate Martin

District III: John Dunn

District VI: Joy Anderson

You will notice that The Stranger did not endorse ANY incumbents.


Sharon Peaslee said…
Nobody says it like The Stranger. I'm honored!
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't it be sweet if all 4 incumbents were lame ducks after Aug 16th!
ken berry
Anonymous said…
off topic but interesting:

Seeking parents for focus group on education - Washington state PTA study

cascade said…
The Stranger Electoral Control Board knows squat about the district and I absolutely disagree with some of the challengers they chose.

But -- if even the self-absorbed Stranger gets it in general that the current board isn't cutting it, then there is hope the community at large may wise up when they vote.
seattle citizen said…
"GRIM. Grim, grim, grim. That was the look on the face of incumbent Harium Martin-Morris throughout the SECB interview with him and two of his challengers. He was almost beautiful in his grimness—a portrait of grimiosity—brow furrowed, teeth clenched, his chin sinking heavily into his hands as if his neck could no longer support the enormous weight of the epic grimness that filled his head."
dan dempsey said…
Hoo--Ray for The Stranger.... or recommending ZERO incumbents.

So I went and looked up those Muni League ratings ..

Outstanding – Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.

Holy Crap ... what Steve Sundquist is the Muni League rating?

Very Good – Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way he/she would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues.

Wowzers.... are they thinking this describes Peter Maier, Sherry Carr, and Harium Martin-Morris???

Has the Muni League been sleeping for the last three years? .... Do they recognize the letters SAO?

Does the name Brian Sonntag ring a bell?

The Accordion is a musical instrument that functions well by opening and closing .... this is not a great plan for schools to be closing and then reopening ... that is expensive. .... Accordion is also called a "SqueezeBox" not to be confused with Garfield High School or Lowell Elementary or Lafayette or Schmitz Park etc.
mirmac1 said…
Wow! I sure as hell wouldn't want to be scrutinized by the Stranger's Electoral Control Board. They'd probably beat me up and tattoo an obscene word on my forehead.

I am a firm supporter of Marty McClaren for Position 6 against Sundquist.
Charlie Mas said…
I was interviewed by the Stranger's Electoral Control Board and they printed a picture of me naked. It's not for the faint-of-heart.
mirmac1 said…
OMG! Too much information! : )
The Stranger always has the most interesting things to say about School Board candidates. (They love people who kick ass and take names as if that's all the job requires.)

They like Joy Anderson (who really is very one-issue) and yet call Michelle Buetow a disgruntled parent. Michelle probably knows the district better than any other challenger (save John Dunn).

But their description of Harium was indeed priceless.
Paul said…

Let alone printing it, how did they GET a picture of you naked?

College prank or Anthony Weiner stuff?
mirmac1 said…
Charlie, you need to quit the Chat Roulette.

WV: bozeying!
joy anderson said…
Fyi, I am NOT a one issue candidate and I am .absolutely the best candidate for District 6, West Seattle. School closures is what started me on this sordid journey through Seattle School District Hell. I have been involved in four lawsuits, the Cooper closure, NSAP, Cleveland Stem, and consolidated school closures. I joined Kate Martin to try to recall the gang of four TWICE. I also have been keeping track of the complance review filed against the District by ths Department of Eduction, which has been sent to WA DC, alledging that the District has violated Title IV of the CIVIL Rights Act pf 1964. I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for three years, and have spent a lot personal money on issues not even related to closures. I am against TFA, and would have demanded that schools be more equal.before they institued neighborhood schools. How can a school that has Singapore math (and better math scores) be equal to a neighborhood school that does not? Shouldn't their be more than 10% choice for schools, maybe 40%? I am disgusted with how the District manages the Native American programs, A lot of you complain about Sundquist, but how many of you are putting yourself out there in order to get rid of him? Zero accoutability, all.spin and double talk. I can dispute just about everything he has said in most of these endorsement meetings WITH FACTS! School closure is just the easiest one to get him with because I have more facts than the general public because of the lawsuit. I am also aware that the Board ignores data and more importantly, public input. Most of the decisions of the current board have made have children's lives worse. (My child's life certainly has, and look how much I have done!) You should really talk to me before you decide I am a one issue candidate, it is just not true. As much as I admire and respect Marti McLaren, I see her as a one issue candidate as she is very eloquent on the math issue bit will admit to being less than schooled on other issues. I really believe I am the best candidate. I have been in the trenches for the last three years trying evoke change and fight to right the wrongs that have been done to West Seattle. I am not afraid at all of this District. I hammer away at these people, and I haven't given up yet. If you want to see things get better, you will have to vote out the gang of four, especlally Sundquist. West Seattle does not need a rep who thinks two thirds of his constituents don't matter or can be sactificed for some Utopian greater good.
joy anderson said…
Sorry, typos.
Charlie Mas said…
Just to end the guessing, the Stranger had an artist draw a picture of me naked. I did not pose for it. The image, from the neck down, was 100% conjecture.

And, so no one has to ask, the drawing was not un-flattering. Please remember that they endorsed me.

Oh... and no, I will not provide a link to it. Do your own damn research.

A co-worker downloaded the image and made it the wallpaper on his computer. He kept it for years.
A Voter said…
It's good to see candidates posting here. Joy, I have a question for you about the STEM lawsuit you were involved in. CAn I ask why you sued-was it to stop it from happening at all or to close it down?

I have several friends with kids in the program and they can't say enough good about it. They are thrilled that FINALLY there is a good science-focused program in our own neighborhood, that has drawn kids of color. I have one friend with a middle-schooler in Rainier Scholars who's contemplating leaving private school to send her child there.

All the funding issues aside-why, with all the positive feedback I've heard from people actually AT Cleveland, would ANYONE want to shut it down?
dan dempsey said…
Having known Joy Anderson for several years, when I saw "one issue candidate" I was really puzzled.

I watched Joy Anderson and Kate Martin testify in Superior Court in an attempted recall of the four directors currently running for reelection. {{Recall was ruled insufficient by the Judge based on the failure to show intent ....}} This legal reasoning is a direct contradiction of the right to recall under the State Constitution article I sections 33 and 34 ... says WA Supreme Court Justice Johnson (2005).

These two ladies Anderson and Martin have a lot more than one issue and have spent a large amount of time and resources trying to improve the district on way more than one issue.

Joy Anderson invited me to a meeting with an attorney in the US Department of Education Seattle Office on the 34th floor of the Jackson Fed Building ... It has super duper sensitive metal detectors.

Learn about the fruits of the Martin & Anderson's recall attempt HERE. Nov. 18, 2010 posting.

Notice the declarations filed with the court by the four Directors under recall.

In particular read Sundquist's responses #15 and #16. Notice Steve fails to understand his obligation under state law. (Exactly like the other three directors)

RCW 28A 645.020 states...
Within twenty days of service of the notice of appeal, the school board, at its expense, or the school official, at such official's expense, shall file the complete transcript of the evidence and the papers and exhibits relating to the decision for which a complaint has been filed. Such filings shall be certified to be correct.

Steve and the other directors ignore State Law and Board Policies regularly. The Board's failure to provide a "certified correct transcript" and the court's failure to require such a transcript is headed to Washington Appeals Court Division I ... in regard to the $800,000 New Tech Network contract appeal.

Paul said…

Do you have a contact address for that co-worker?
Anonymous said…
I appreciate your detailed post here. Keep bringing up these issues as often and anywhere you have a chance to be heard. I can vouch that neither you nor Marty are a one issue candidate, since you're both opposed to the EdReform Evangelicals TfA.
I have been helping Marty McLaren because I'm so anxious to rid this District of Uncle Steve "Knows Best." I worked indefatigably for the past year to find a viable candidate to challenge "Public School Enemy #1 Sundquist." You'll recall that I emailed you about running and you replied that the electorate might view you as "too radical" (my words). When the 34th Dems overwhelmingly endorsed McLaren I jumped in to help.
Now it looks we have at least 2 viable challengers. I'm excited: if we can make Steve Sundquist a lame duck after the August Primary that would make my coming year as fun as hanging out at Nouveau Bakery!
ken berry
mirmac1 said…
I'll swear to that Joy. Ken was so desperate he even asked me (man, that's scrapping the bottom of the barrel!)

I'm working hard. Pulled an illegally placed Sundquist sign out of private community owned property today : ) Nice try, Stevie.
Nick Esparza said…
Save Seattle Schools Community Blog In the tank for Marty McLaren
Anonymous said…
Nick, you would do yourself and your campaign a great favor by removing that Youtube video and instead pointing people to the West Seattle Blog's video of your remarks at the forum held at the college the other day.

As it is, I'd rather vote for you than the incumbent but frankly this is a damaging move. You're a distant third choice among the three challengers, for reasons that you're too close to yourself to see clearly. You need to recognize that two more qualified and wiser people have stepped into this race and that consequently you have no chance to win a seat on the board this year.

But your words during the next couple of weeks can make a positive difference to people, while you have this unusual opportunity to have a bully pulput for a time.

Anonymous said…
Speaking of Youtube...

Here's the One America Votes / Black PAC / Minority Executive Directors Coalition (etc.) video compilation of candidates' answers to one of their questions.

Seattle School Board Candidate Interviews

At their event on June 21st they talked with Cummings, Maier, Peaslee, Carr, Menage, Whelan, Buetow, Dunn, Martin-Morris, Anderson and McLaren.

Noam said…

Steveroo said exactly what I thought as well when I saw your post and viewed your video.

Not your year Nick.

I'm with Steveroo.

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