Campaign Help

Whoever you are supporting in the School Board races, please step up to help your candidate.  Offer to go doorbelling or hold a sign at a Farmers' Market.  The candidates have contact info at their websites so check there as well. 

One opportunity I have learned of is phone bank calling for Marty McLaren on Wednesday from the Labor Temple at 2nd and Broad from 5:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.   Just show up and I know they will put you to work (you don't have to stay the whole time).  It's a lot less scary than it sounds.  Most people are grateful for the help on their vote.


Anonymous said…
I agree with Melissa. Anything, anything at all that you can do, would be very much appreciated.

All of the challengers need money. A lot of small donations can make a big difference. It's just a matter of going to a campaign website and following the instructions.

Finally, it is very helpful if you share with your friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues the candidates you are supporting. Talk to them. Write them an email. Just spread the word.

Every one of the incumbents is vulnerable, but we have "to step up," as Melissa said.
Kathy said…
Here is more sobering news-more state cuts coming down the line:

I've predicted this. The incumbents have put the district on a non-sustainable path. The incumbents have committed the district to contractual obligations.

Because of contractual obligations, will see more cuts to our class.

Incumbents have used poor judgement- and will support a non-sustainable Strategic Plan while taking essential supports from our classrooms.

Incumbents are enjoying political support...and dollars are flowing into their campaigns.

Candidates need financial backing and people to help get the word out.

Please get behind a candidate. They need you THIS week. Ballots have to be turned in Aug. 16th.
David said…
Oops. I'm the first Anonymous.

KG said…
Voting for the incumbents is like voting to put the bank robber in charge of the safe.

I will be there phone banking hoping to lose Sundquist and get the money flowing to the classrooms again, and not in Central administrations thiefdom.

I encourage people to step up and help the school children by getting rid of this abusive board member.
word said…
Why is the school board (district 1) missing from my mail in ballot??
KG2 said…
And if you call Max Brown at 441-7102, he can give you access to free covered parking across First Avenue from their building.

This is a great way to help.

See you there.

Regime change IS possible!
Noam said…
Labor Temple is at First and Broad isnt it?

Web says 2800 First Avenue.


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