Seattle School Board Campaign 2011 News

First, there's going to be a School Board candidate forum sponsored by The Stranger on Wednesday, September 28th at Town Hall (time TBA).  It should be very interesting because of the following:

  • large venue so bring friends and supporters for the candidate of your choice
  • speed round with "yes, no, maybe" signs
  • general questions for all candidates
  • debate section for each position so that candidates can directly address the other's statements
Mark your calendar now!

Also, from Marty McLaren's campaign, they have set up phone banking for Marty.  Here's the details:

We'll be meeting every Wednesday at the Labor Temple in downtown Seattle from 5pm to 8pm, with our first phonebank tonight, and would love to see you there! 

As you probably know, contacting voters is the most important part of a campaign and one of the best ways to do that is phonebanking, however we can't do it alone! 

The phonebanks will be every Wednesday at 5pm, and we're really hoping to call as many people as possible each time. Can you help us out?

Any other campaign news?


Kathy said…
Do you have to sign up? Or, just show up?
Kathy said…
Let me you need to sign up to volunteer for phone banking? Or, just show up?
Anonymous said…
TFA alert.
O/T- but I thought it might get lost down the page on Friday's open thread.

There's a story on Central District News from a fomer TFAer- calling on the community to "Call the School Board to show support" for TFA.
I wonder if corps members are being encouraged to network via community blogs. Any stories in other neighborhoods?

--TTM neighbor
Thanks TTM Neighbor.
From McLaren's campaign manager, Laura Hicks, comes the answer that it would be good if you let her know in advance (in case for some reason it got canceled) but drop-in is fine.

Her e-mail is

There is also free parking for people coming to help out.
Charlie Mas said…
The post on the Central District News site refers people to a blog that promotes TFA in Seattle:
Let it Rain - Close the Gap
Charlie Mas said…
It appears that I have been banned from the Let it Rain blog.

They accused this blog of misinformation but, when I commented with:

"What misinformation have you read on Save Seattle Schools?"

they removed the comment.
mirmac1 said…
Yeah, they removed my comments too. Guess they just want to sing their praises to the choir....
Anonymous said…
Time spent on Marty McLaren's campaign is well spent. Her campaign is getting stronger, and it will get stronger still.

Dorothy Neville said…
Charlie and mirmac, possibly not. They seem to be having technical difficulties and double posts. I was just reading it and your comments still seem to be there. Let it rain and let the dialog continue.
Your Humble Servant said…
Wow gotta love the humility of TFA'ers. In the central district news article , Alex lets you know that she is "brilliant"! Infact she is so brilliant that she doesn't quite get that her organization ( along with the Gates / Broad / Billionaire Boys Club) has already bought off Enfield and the Seattle School Board.
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Alki Elementary and Madison Middle PTSAs are hosting a candidate forum for all 4 races (8 candidates) on October 18th at Madison Middle School from 6:30 - 9. Each candidate will answer a prepared question and then take part in a moderated Q&A. There will be a 30 minute meet and greet between 6:30-7. Please join us and help get the word out! For more info, email There is also going to be a Forum in the North end at Olympic View Elementary on October 11th from 6:30-8:30. This forum will follow a similar format.
Anonymous said…
Interesting, now they're moderating the comments on the Central District blog...


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