Election Night Live Blogging

The Stranger is over at Michelle Buetow's campaign party.  They say:

There are tons of kids running around, eating pizza, demanding alcohol. Buetow is sipping on a gin tonic, feeling extremely confident. She thinks she has a good chance to make it to the top 2. "I knocked on a lot of doors," she says, wasted.

Buetow faces stiff competition from incumbent Harium Martin Morris and former SEA leader John Dunn. "Dunn could make it too," she says, wasted-er.

The Stranger does get its staff mixed up with other people in reporting the amount of drunkenness in a person.  I'm quite certain Michelle Buetow is not drinking a lot. 

More election stats from King County (via The Stranger Slog):

Results from the first 205,000 ballots should be released at 8:15 p.m. tonight, and that'll be that until 4:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

As for turnout, Kim van Ekstrom at KC Elections tells me they were originally projecting 52 percent, which is just crazy optimistic. As of this morning, 262,000 ballots have been received—about 24 percent of the county's 1,095,760 registered voters. Past experience suggests that roughly 75 percent of ballots are received by election day, with another 20 percent or so coming in the following day.  

First Election Results:

Position 1 with almost 20% of registered voters
- Peter Maier - 50.67%
- Sharon Peaslee - 36.66%
-John Cummings - 11.58%

Position 2 with almost 18%
Sherry Carr - 40.15%
Kate Martin - 29.07%
Jack Whelan - 17.97%

Position 3 with 20% of the vote
Harium Martin-Morris - 41.34%
Michelle Buetow - 28.11%
John Dunn - 26.79%

Position 6 with 21%
Steve Sundquist - 42.85%
Marty McLaren - 30.27%
Joy Anderson - 21.24%
Nick Esparza - 4.8%

Looks like all the incumbents made it thru with Sherry Carr getting the lowest vote count of any of them (but with the most challengers).

I am quite surprised at Peter's high vote count; I suspect that wouldn't hold throughout the city. 

Challenger Sharon Peaslee got the highest number of votes for any challenger.

It looks like it may be a real fight between John Dunn and Michelle Buetow for who will challenge Harium Martin-Morris.


Dorothy Neville said…
holy moly. I was there. She was not wasted. She's exuberant and nervous but most definitely not wasted. And the kids demanded no alcohol, not even my 17 year old.
Anonymous said…
Hi there...It is true that we were having a great time at my campaign strategy gathering...but unfortunately for attention-grabbing headline readers, one gin and tonic does not a wasted candidate make. (But good thing The Stranger wasn't Counting Calories, because I devoured 3 slices of pepperoni and sausage pizza!)

Tis also true that the kids present, who were excited to be participating in their first taste of politics, were asking for Thomas Kemper (root) beer. It makes delicious ice cream floats! And for their sign-waving duties, they rightfully deserved them!

As an ex-reporter, and an active parent in SPS, I am pleased that The Stranger is attempting to cover mid-August school board races, as informed citizens make stronger backers of public schools. There are plenty of meaty issues for The Stranger to dive into. Ask me about Innovation Schools or Interventions for Struggling Students. The "wasted" clubbing section of The Stranger belongs in its Arts and Entertainment pages, not its election news.

Kindly, Michelle Buetow
Anonymous said…
They shoulda been at MY party, *hic*

Dorothy Neville said…
Yeah, I replied too soon. After reading the Slog's live blogging of the evening, I realized it was the Stranger being the Stranger. And what's stranger than the SECB? Not much.
Anonymous said…
The SECB tends to project their own behavior onto others. Still their reports are always entertaining, and one should take their reports with numerous grains of salt. I, for one, am glad they are calling attention to some people and races that otherwise would fly under the radar.

Chris S. said…
Go Michelle! If you get thru the primary you'll definitely get the Stranger demographic.
Dorothy Neville said…
Michelle is now ahead by 291 votes over Dunn. Wednesday's results in at 4PM.
Let's Toast the Candidates said…
From my perspective, I hope all the candidates enjoyed a celebratory toast.

These fine civic minded individuals spent a lot of time and energy on their campaigns.

Here's to the challengers! Thanks for engaging our community. Thanks for bringing issues to the light of day. Thanks for trying to make a better system for our children. Cheers.
Eastlake said…
I'm not OK with the Stranger joking around about kids asking for booze and drunken candidates. I was at Michelle's election night party. We were remarking about how much this was a celebration of democracy, family and the way election night parties should be. Yet The Stranger decides to laughingly toss around family endangering and career-ending slander. Not OK, never forgiven.
Anonymous said…
To The Stranger - You're DEFINITELY not forgiven even if you did apologize for the defaming and slanderous remarks. Just because you're a publication, doesn't make it OK to write whatever it is you want about a person. NOT COOL when it involves children or putting a label on someone and painting a false picture! Apology not accepted!

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