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For some reason, Apple is having a campaign where you can "donate" your old iPad to Apple and Apple in turn will give it to TFA who will give it (hopefully) to a TFA recruit in a high-needs school who knows how to use it for a class lesson.  (That was a mouthful.) 

Now Apple's media line is they really have no info on this program so ask TFA.  Naturally, mum's the word over at TFA.  So if this is such a great idea, why isn't anyone talking about it?

My read is that there's a TFA alum/tribble up the foodchain over at Apple who believes this is a great idea.  (It's got lots o'problems starting with how can you be sure it goes to a high-needs classroom?  What if that TFA recruit leaves?  Where does the iPad go then?  And, why wouldn't Apple eliminate the middle-man (TFA) and just tell people to donate their iPad to their nearest school district?)

But hey, let's ask the man himself - Steve Jobs.   The rumor is that he does indeed answer some of his e-mail from customers.  What if he were to get a large number of e-mails all on the same subject?  It's worth a shot.  (I will sweeten the e-mail to Jobs by telling him I tested a beta test LISA - an early precursor to the Macintosh.  Lisa is his daughter's name.  Maybe that will get his attention.)

Here's the address: 




CJ said…
Excellent. Thanks so much, Melissa.

In addition, everyone should go IN PERSON to the UNIVERSITY VILLAGE APPLE STORE (25th Ave NE) AND LODGE YOUR COMPLAINT IN PERSON! I went there today and was stopped in my tracks by their disgusting, full, front-window display touting the Teach for America iPad program. I went in and talked to the Seattle regional manager for Apple. As a certificated teacher who has devoted 25 years to the profession, I was able to speak to him about how insulting his store's TFA offer was and how it completely undermines the importance of having experienced, highly trained, certificated, professional educators for the kids who need them most.

He said he would pass this feedback up through the corporate chain. I should have asked for an iPad while I was there, but I think the better response would have been "I actually no longer even WANT an iPad or anything else Apple due to this TFA campaign!"

E-mail Steve Jobs, but also go in person to the U Village Apple store. I think if the local guy gets pummeled with feedback, this will find its way to corporate. But don't buy anything while you're there!
Church Lady said…
TFA is evil and we are not - we should boycott U Village too.

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