News Update

The SunSentinel. com has a story on the six semifinalists named for Broward County schools superintendent job.  The list does not contain Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson's name.

The finalists come from all parts of the country including the superintendent of the Bethel School district in Spanaway, WA.  They are expecting to announce a new superintendent on September 14th. 


The date of announcement has been come near very fast. I wished right candidate will be choose.
cascade said…
Looks like plenty of applicants for a superintendent job in a desirable location.

That Passionate Teacher said…
Obviously there's a real need here. That's why I'm announcing a new public service initiative: Superintendents for America.

With just five weeks of training at a series of seminars in a van down by the river, we'll declare you qualified to be a school superintendent and charge a school district a mere pittance of a $100,000 "finder's fee" for the honor of placing you in charge of their district.

What the couldn't do more damage than the Broad Academy, could it?
CT said…
5 weeks of training is too much for Utah. Ogden School District didn't even conduct a search for a new supe - they just appointed a board member who "volunteered".

This is after the board refused to bargain with the teachers union on a contract, then said all teachers had to agree to their unproven/poorly written merit pay proposal by the following week or they wouldn't have a job.

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