Want Change? Let's Work for It

I've been talking to the challengers and wanted to put out the call for help.  So what can you do?
  • first, money.  Money is not going to win a position for anyone but no one can run without it.  In fact, some groups might not give a candidate money if they don't already have some in their treasury (believing that they are not a serious candidate if they can't raise money).  Please donate anything (even $10-20).   Don't forget that Obama made (and continues to receive) a lot of little donations that add up.
  •  volunteer.  Let the candidates know you want to help.  It can be one time or a regular gig.  For example, it is helpful to have a driver to take the candidates to the various events.  That way the candidate can focus on preparing on what to say and not finding a parking place.  Or, volunteer your front porch as a pickup spot for lawn signs.  They need these in all areas of the city and it makes it easier for other supporters to get one if they know there is a nearby location.  
  • I know that Kate Martin could use help on her web page.  Have a couple of hours to help with that?  Contact her. 
  • Could you go to a farmers market or other venue for a couple of hours with a sign and literature?  
  • Could you track mentions of the candidate in the newspaper or on-line and compile it for them?  That would be helpful.  
  • Or, just give them your name and e-mail so they can put it on their endorsement list AND volunteer list.  
Marty Mclaren contact info:

Marty McLaren for School Board
PO Box 46407
Seattle, WA 98146.
(206) 779-6062

Kate Martin contact info:
Kate Martin for School Board

Sharon Peaslee contact info:
Sharon Peaslee for School Board

Michelle Buetow contact info:
Buetow for School Board


Kathy said…
Thanks, Melissa.

Sharon Peaslee's campaign needs individuals willing to "blast". These individuals would distribute Sharon's e-news via their e-mail address books. It is easy and doesn't take much time.

If you are willing to be a "blaster"- please contact me at

Many thanks.
CT said…
I've looked, but I've not found any statements on charter schools from these candidates (maybe I missed them?). While I recognize that the primary responsibility is to the district and students, I do see the SB as having some political responsibility as well, and since it seems clear that LEV and other entities are planning to push the charter issue once again, I'd be curious to know where they stand. I can make assumptions based on their statements on other topics, but I hate to assume...
Things like this concern me greatly:

We need to work on the problems we already have, not create new ones.
Best of luck to the challengers, and I will be donating soon.
Christina said…
I mailed a check with a letter addressed to Ms. Peaslee's campaign (as listed on her campaign website) last week.
mirmac1 said…
These candidates are working hard to bone up on the many intricacies of the district. They will hit the ground running on January 1st.
KG said…
And the largest intricacy is that Central is blowing to many dollars on itself. That should be simple to fix.
ws1 said…
Go Marty, go!

What have you done for us, Steve? What have you done for West Seattle?
Closed our schools.
Lied to us, repeatedly.
Disenfranchised our neighborhoods.
Overcrowded Chief Sealth, denying IB to many.
Cheated Madison and WSHS, budget wise.
Turned our "north" elementaries into overcrowded, third world, temporary education spaces.
Gerrymandered us out of our local school - 3 blocks away.
Supported Chairman MGJ until the end.
Brushed aside financial scandals.
Gave away our local assets (old Cooper, old Denny, and Fauntleroy)

What? What have you done? Ask him, Marty, what. Ask him to name ONE positive thing he has had influence on. And "that won't happen again" doesn't count!!!!!!!!
dan dempsey said…
School Board members are elected in November and normally take office at the first meeting in December.

This will give a new board plenty of time to dump TfA.
This will give the new board plenty of time to decide to get a Superintendent other than Susan Enfield.

Those are just two good reasons to dump the four incumbents.
StopTFA said…
ws1, couldn't have said it better myself.

Dan, I'll start drafting a motion to terminate the MOU with TFA.

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