Monday, October 24, 2011

Stand For Children stands with Carr, Sundquist and Martin-Morris (but not Maier?)

Stand has done a couple of puzzling things recently.

First, they sent out a postcard supporting Sherry Carr, Steve Sundquist and Harium Martin-Morris.   The question I had was - where's Peter Maier?  Why leave him off?  Damaged goods from Pottergate?  Offended their leadership?  It's just kind of a sore thumb that sticks out.

Second, the postcard's top five funders are all from out-of-town except for Jon and Judy Runstad.  Again, I do appreciate that business types from around the Puget Sound area are interested in Seattle public education but I do find it curious that Ballmer, for example, gave no money to Bellevue's School Board races (and yet that's where he lives).    Another couple of funders of the mailer were Jeff Bezos' (Amazon) parents.

Third, I received a robo-call about a "Town Hall" that will be held by phone this week.  I'm not sure how it will work but I was told I would receive a phone call about it.  It, too, only referenced Carr, Sundquist and Martin-Morris.   There is no info about it at their website or "blog." 

As Stand for Children and the Washington State PTSA seem to grow ever closer, I wonder if Stand is co-opting the PTSA's huge numbers because their own "grassroots" numbers are so small. 


Anonymous said...

SOS - 'South of Shipcanal' says

There are a whole lotta comments about this at PubliCola. But I had not heard Stand was posing its advocacy for the three incumbents as a neutral Town Hall discussion. Typical crappy PAC tactic.

On PubliCola there is an enlightening comment linking the PTSA to Stand on the Children. And because I think Stand is a smug, misguided, patronizing, shrill organization there is my favorite comment:

Endorsement by this organization, an organization that does not support our teachers and does not have a membership with diversity of income, color or opinion, speaks more to the unqualification of Steve Sundquist, Harium Martin-Morris and Sherry Carr to serve this district than all the piss-poor Seattle Schools news headlines of the past 2 years."

Amen brother. Amen.

Sahila said...

you need to ask yourselves where S4C got your phone numbers from....

joanna said...

Stand for Children must be a 501c4 if they are endorsing candidates.

joanna said...

PTSAs are except in rare cases 501c3s.

Anonymous said...
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Chris S. said...

I'm working on the linkage between Stand and Defeat 1098 (state income tax to fund education and health care). What is clear is that the top donor for Defeat 1098 also paid for Stand's mailer supporting the incumbents.

I think Stand has a 5013c and a 501c4. This is how big non-profits get around the political taboo.

Anonymous said...

could someone tell what's up with the politics yes / no with the 5013c and 501c4 stuff?

I grew up without money - declaring somethings "political" and some things not political is about as ridiculous as things get.