Correction on School Directors Stance on 1240

I got it wrong on who is opposing 1240.  It's not WSSDA - the Washington State School Directors Association, it's WASA - the Washington Association of School Administrators.  

I erred because the link was at the WSSDA site and I read the press release believing it was from WSSDA.  I am trying to find out their stand.  I believe they will also say no to 1240 based on their stance against charters when the issue was in the Legislature. 

About WASA:

The Washington Association of School Administrators is a professional association representing education administrators in Washington State. We are a not-for-profit organization, funded by membership dues and association events. WASA's membership includes nearly 1,100 members and is open to all educational administrators in central office, building management, and educational agency positions.


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