Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charter School Initiative will cost $3 Million

Here is the estimate from the Office of Financial Management


Kathy said...

Charter advocates have promoted false claims that charter schools will not take dollars from public schools. Statements such as "Dollars follow the students." is an over-simplification of funding processes.

This document affirms our assertions that charter schools will take dollars from our already under-funded public schools. Thus, putting more students at risk.

From the document:

"fiscal impact to school districts is indeterminant, but non-zero."

Anonymous said...

The use of levy funds seems like another black hole in the discussion. Something that's never talked about by the pro-charter school crowd. I'm already bothered that our public funds will possibly be given to for-profit managers of 'public' charters, but then to see my local levy funds be given away, too? Especially when those funds are desperately needed to meet the unfunded mandates of the state.


Anonymous said...

WAPTSA opposes this charter school initiative.

pleased ptsa parent

Bureaucracy Costs said...

Estimates for charter schools is $3M. However, like all bureaucratic etntities, I"d expect this number to grow.

Charlie Mas said...

Bureaucracy Costs wrote: "Estimates for charter schools is $3M."

That's the sum of the costs that they could estimate. There are a lot of additional costs that the OFM acknowledged would be there, but they couldn't estimate.