Inside West Seattle K-5 STEM School

Great story (with photos) from the West Seattle Blog on the progress of the new K-5 STEM school at Boren.  Looks good. Lots of window for natural light. 

Because it had been used by older students, it has lockers (and cubbies from preschool days), computer lab  and science labs.  They also have a climbing wall in the gym.  Very nice. 

And, somehow, they found money for a Smartboard for every classroom.  Hmmm. 

On her horizon – the renovation of Fairmount Park Elementary, expected to reopen in West Seattle within the next few years, shuttered for five years, and getting a new roof right now, because, she says, the old one couldn’t wait any longer to be replaced.

Number of students at our new STEM school?

We asked SPS how many students are enrolled; no final count yet, the district says, but the building is being made ready to hold up to 250.

From one commenter:

The 250 limit has already been met per info we have received from the district: transitional preschool + three K’s + one K/1 + one 1st + three 2/3 splits + one 4th + one 4/5 split. The splits were chosen to facilitate small-group interaction, differentiated learning (mixed ability), and project-based learning. Classrooms have 24-28 kids based on grade and composition per set SPS guidelines. Still plenty of kids on the waitlist, so hopefully more kids are enrolled next year once the first year kinks are worked out. Lots of updates on the yahoo discussion group.


Anonymous said…
And we have Singapore Math! That's the best part.


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