Playing Coy with Stand for Children Donations

Over at The Stranger Slog, Goldy reports on this new phenomenon happening in Washington State politics:  Why Are Charter School Advocates Spending Heavily on a Candidate Woh Says she Doesn't Support Charter Schools?

Yes, why would that be?  Why do these Dems take money from a group whose mission now is charter schools (and taking over legislatures in as many states as possible) and yet they say they don't support charters?  And it's not just Stand but other pro-charter PACS? 

It's candidates like Stephanie Bowman, Slyvester Cann and others. 

Things that make you go, hmmm.


Dorothy Neville said…
Got a mailer from Cann yesterday. He claimed to be an education policy expert. And the LEV logo is prominently placed.
whitney said…
DUSTY HOERLER is our man! I spoke with him as he was doorbelling and he is against charter schools, no equivocation. How refreshing! His mom is a teacher, too.

Vote for Dusty.
Anonymous said…
Hmm. I was planning on voting for Cann and now I am not so sure. Not liking the LEV logo on his stuff.

dan dempsey said…
Ok here is the deal... if you are tired of the Big Money corrupting every aspect of politics, it is time to form or join a grassroots movement for a constitutional amendment limiting campaign donations. Former Senator Bill Bradley sees this a real possibility.

If you think schools are for providing our kids with a good academic education, try today's reality. The reality seems that our schools are for providing big business with a new market place.

Privatizing Public Schools: Big Firms Eyeing Profits From U.S. K-12 Market => Huffington Post
seattle citizen said…
Speaking of well-funded Gates finger puppets, here is a Jim Scott's response to a recent LEV post (yet another) on teachers. One of the most articulate responses to attacks on teachers I've yet read (and of course charters are mostly an attack on teachers):
"Jim Scott says:
July 31, 2012 at 7:19 pm
You overlooked a MAJOR reason that teachers are leaving the profession—and why teaching is having problems drawing young people into it as a career: Hatred of Teachers.
And, candidly, the well funded “League of Education Voters” is one of the groups that has encouraged a climate of distrust, hyper-criticism and vilification against the people who are responsible for teaching our children.
If you doubt what I’m saying, please go to almost any blog or comments section, focused on some aspect of public education, anywhere on the web, and watch the hatred almost sizzle on the screen.
It’s vile. And I never use that word lightly. If you say you were absolutely unaware of this, I’m incredulous. Anyone even scanning such blogs would have to know about the absolute vilification of our teachers.
I don’t accuse LEV, nor anyone associated with them, of writing such egregious and hateful comments. I do know that if my young son were to read some of these, he’d be quite upset, as would most of his classmates. While he likes some of his teachers better than others, he still considers them the closest thing to family members; and while certain aunts and uncles are favored at any given time, he’s loyal to all of them.
And he feels the same way about his teachers. His school works, because it’s a community; not a “Race To The Top” (of exactly “what”, one should ask.)
Again, I will spare you the many examples of pathological, obsessive teacher loathing that is everywhere on the web. Even Governors are encouraging it, in an almost gleeful way:
I don’t think anyone associated with LEV would engage in this type of slander and vilification against our educators. It’s true that none of us can be responsible for the words or actions of others. However, LEV has, unfortunately been completely silent as this vicious attacks increase and escalate.
If you condemned this outrageous and truly odious attacks on our teachers, it would be at least one indication of your group’s sincerity.
Again, LEV isn’t responsible for these attacks on our teachers. But your silence speaks volumes. It’s very disappointing that LEV has not issued one single word of criticism to separate themselves from this sickening words. Why is that?"
dan dempsey said…
Seatle Citizen,

I don't know if this qualifies as Teacher Hate propaganda but ....

Teacher Union is a Bully in Louisiana

So says the Alliance for School Choice ... do not forget to send a donation .. (Yeah right away)

Meanwhile closer to home ... The Stranger brings us this:

Bezos Family Funds Four PACs in Charter Schools Shell Game
whitney said…
The LEV endorsement is now the kiss of death for me. I will not support a candidate they endorse.

I will be voting for Dusty Hoerler. He strikes me as well-spoken, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and strong. He is a plumber who founded Sustainable Works that "helps our neighbors save money and the environment by retrofitting their homes to get energy savings" according to his campaign lit. He is not to be confused with Joe the Plumber for sure, so don't make that mistake.

His two points on his flyer are:
1. PRIORITIZE EDUCATION -- as the paramount duty of the state.
2. No more excuses: "I am tired of endless special sessions that accomplish nothing. It's time that we confront our challenges and prepare for our future."

And he is firmly against charter schools as they draw funding and commitment away from the public schools.

Vote for Dusty.

(No, I am not a staffer for him! I was just really impressed after speaking with him about his positions.)

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