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From the West Seattle Blog:
Followup: Middle College HS, K-5 STEM will not share Boren

West Seattle’s smallest public high school, Middle College HS, will not be sharing the Boren Building campus in Delridge with the new K-5 STEM elementary school after all – another location for MCHS has been found instead. That’s according to an announcement by West Seattle’s school-board rep Marty McLaren, confirmed by Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Teresa Wippel, though both say the new location cannot be publicly disclosed yet.
West Seattle Blog has the scoop!


Po3 said…
Why can't they disclose the site yet? Odd.
Jan said…
I think it is to avoid the "he is going to Michigan -- or wait, maybe not" situation that we had earlier with Greg King. Either there IS a deal (in which case the ink is on the page and both sides are committed) or there is not one, in which case it is perhaps best to not trot out the non-deal for public comment. Also, it may be that one or both sides has requested confidentiality as a condition for doing the deal, and that would be breached if the deal is disclosed before it has been finalized.
Anonymous said…
Contract in the works


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