Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Superintendent of Public Instruction

I'm late (and behind) on this post but life got in the way.

Randy Dorn is an okay guy.  I supported his last election.  But I have found him a less-than-I wanted state superintendent.   I think he has gotten out there and pushed the Innovation schools program and continued to push more students taking the SAT.   However, I'm not impressed with his website which doesn't have much in the way of what he wants to do in the future. 

And, I don't like anyone just walking into office.  That is what will happen if he gets more than 50% of the vote in the primary.   

We need to have a dialog going into the general.  That's why I'm asking you to vote for one of the other candidates.  

I only interviewed one of them, James Bauckman, and that's because he reached out to me.  (The other candidates, for the record, are John Blair who ran twice and lost, Don Hansler who ran for both Governor and this office and lost, and Ron Higgins, a teacher and chemical engineer.)

James is former teacher and school administrator.  He has worked at charter schools (and doesn't really like them) and has experience with Montessori.   He's running to support teachers and to change the focus on high stakes testing.   He wants more local food in our schools.  He wants to better serve Special Education students.  He wants to support better math and make sure the arts and PE and CTE are part of the school landscape.   Most of all, he wants to support teachers with professional development and support parent with ways to support their child's education.

James is a thoughtful and sincere person.  I'm not sure he has the management background to be superintendent but I'd like to find out more. I'd like someone to challenge Randy Dorn on what he will be doing in the future.

Learn more about James and let's give him a chance to prove himself against Dorn.  


Anonymous said...

This guy?


- not sure I follow.

Anonymous said...

So here is his response to the article:

So here it is. My response to the article today. I am going to finish the primary, but I will stop my campaign and continue my focus on helping our children achieve their full potential in other ways. I want to know if people at least support my ideas and platform. I will donate all campaign donations so far to Allied Arts in Bellingham to support more children having access to arts, if the PDC allows that. My work continues and I will continue to be an advocate for children and our planet

It sounds like he is dropping out after the primary. I too wish there was some way to movtivate Dorn.


Melissa Westbrook said...

Thanks for that info. I took him at his word about his employment. I did not ask him about his personal life which apparently crossed with his professional life.

Well, that's sad because it would have been nice to have a discussion around education during the election but it looks like Dorn is likely to walk into his office.

dan dempsey said...

I will vote for someone other than Dorn in the primary. If Randy gets 50% or more of the primary vote there is no general election.

A longer discussion time is needed to bring certain issues into daylight.