Eckstein Principal Announced

Dear Eckstein Middle School community,
I am excited today to announce the appointment of Sherri Kokx as your new principal, effective Aug. 20.

Ms. Kokx comes to Eckstein from Eisenhower Middle School in Everett, where she has been the principal since 2009. Ms. Kokx brings strong experience as a middle school principal and she will be a great fit for the Eckstein community.

Ms. Kokx also served as an Assistant Principal for two years at North Middle School in Everett and was a middle school teacher for 10 years in the Everett School District. She said she is looking forward to championing the great work of the Eckstein staff and to supporting students and families during this time of emotional, social and academic growth.

She has a Bachelor’s of Science in biology and general sciences from Michigan State University and a Master’s of Education in Educational Administration from Western Washington University. She also holds Washington State Administrative Certification.

Ms. Kokx was selected after a hiring process that included input from staff and families. The selection team committee was particularly impressed with her successful experience as a middle school principal, her strong communications skills and her collaborative approach.

Thank you to the Eckstein community for giving input on the characteristics desired in your next leader and your collaboration over the summer. I also want to thank Kim Whitworth for her dedication and commitment to Eckstein.  She will work closely with Ms. Kokx in her role as Executive Director of Schools for the Northeast Region.

Please join me in welcoming Sherri Kokx to Eckstein Middle School!
Robert Boesche
Interim Deputy Superintendent
Seattle Public Schools


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