Why do I even read the Times Editorials?

A new editorial from the Seattle Times encourages the Washington State PTA to reconsider their opposition to initiative I-1240, State PTA should rethink opposition to charter-school initiative. It is ironic for the Times to ask the PTA to think twice about it because the Times has yet to think even once about it.

The WSPTA's opposition to the initiative is thoughtful, nuanced, supported by facts, and aligned with their principles. The Seattle Times' support for the initiative is reflexive, in denial about the facts, and completely without principle.

The Times is getting skewered in the comments, but I don't know if many folks read the comments. They sure aren't read by the folks who read the print edition.

When will the Seattle Times have an open discussion of education issues? Never.


Charlie is right. This was a ridiculous editorial where they just didn't get it right. (And note, smell that? It's the whiff of desperation over at the Times as, once again, they are coming out on the wrong side of an issue.)

- they try to it sound like it wasn't a legit vote. It was and just as legit as the forced pro-vote in June at the convention

- one person says that it's really for those Rainier Beach parents as no one in Queen Anne would have a use for a charter. Hilarious because that's the fight in New Jersey over charters moving into the tony suburbs. NOTHING stops a charter from being created anywhere in Washington state.

- The Times claims that the charters that work better do so because of parent involvement. I'd like to see the data on that and I asked them to provide it.

- they claim the national PTA supports charters. That's ONLY if the charter law allows elected oversight AND parent engagement and the WA state PTA read 1240, did not find those elements and voted against supporting it. Telling a half-truth is as bad as lying, Times.

- they try to claim it's a "pilot" program. It would be a law, not a pilot program.

Good luck with that Times because word is that more people (read elected officials) and more groups are going to come out against 1240 because of how poorly written it is. That's what happens when you get greedy outside groups writing legislation for Washington state kids.
Anonymous said…
After this stinker goes down, I hope any Gates-funded initiative carries the same aroma as an Eyman one.

Ed said…
Since I have been planning to cancel my print subscription anyway, this just may be the final "trigger". That "Write in Hobbes" (pun intended) Primary Election recommendation, its ruining my mornings.

I'll do it in the comments.

Ed said…
Said it better there but used my middle name.
Disgusted said…
The Seattle Times Editorial board lost their credibility a long time ago. And everyone knows it.
Ed said…
I feel so much better.

464-2121 press 3.

We'll read the movie reviews at the library.

All they do is reprint wire service stuff anyway, with Franks noxious "opinions" mixed in.

Hobbes indeed!

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