Stay Calm and Carry On (the Heat Won't Kill You)

I was listening to the news and I heard it's going to be "dangerously hot."  Very hot, yes, but it's only dangerous if you do dumb things.

So a little advice from an Arizona girl:

- absolutely number one - stay hydrated.  Don't wait until you are thirsty.  Ditto for the kids.  Water is your friend.

- do NOT exercise or allow your kids to play outside in the heat of the day.  That would be from about noon-6 p.m.  The temperature rises and gets the hottest about 3 p.m. and will not cool down until much later.  I see these people running at 4 p.m. and think, "mad dogs and Englishmen." 

It will not be a better workout and more sweat is not better.  It can leave you feel sick, not healthy. 

- hats with brims are also your friends.  Encourage your children to wear them as well.

- Sunglasses not only look chic/bad-ass/cool but cut glare and make it feel less oppressive.  

- sunscreen - use it and reapply if you are sweaty.  The spray-on ones are great but you find what works for you. 

- Watch those car door handles.  They get very hot.  If you can leave your car window cracked just a touch, it will help it not become a furnace inside (you get very cranky kids when this happens).  Put a towel over your steering wheel.

- Leave dogs alone in cars during a heat wave? No, no and no.  Don't even think about it.

- if you are exercising, do breath through your mouth.  It just seems less hot than breathing through your nose. 

- sleeping - good luck.  We don't have air-conditioning here and sleeping in a warm room won't be comfortable but it won't kill you.  We used to sleep with the fan on and a cold cloth over our face or neck.  It was cool enough to fall asleep before the cloth got warm. 

In a month, you'll forget it was ever hot. 


Ed said…

I lost my mom 10 years ago (I'm now60, so, no offense) but I sure appreciate your "filling in".

And YES, I know I could "poke my eye out" and not to "track mud across the nice clean floor".

All kidding, but this is not: You (and Charlie)are so good and speaking for me, you are very appreciated.


Anonymous said…
From my 15 years of experience in Texas:
Keep a jug filled with water in your freezer; put it in front of your fan—old school AC.
Jet City mom said…
Put a cool washcloth on the back of your neck.
Powder yourself like a baby.
Wet socks.
Linen- don't mind the wrinkles.
Enjoy your ripening tomatoes.
Coconut water.
Read about the Shackelton expedition.
Anonymous said…
Keep Clam!

Ed said…
Hey "emeraldkity"

Everybody died on "Shackelton"

What are you saying?


Patrick said…
Ed, what? No, everyone on Shackelton's expedition made it back. It was Scott's expedition in which the three in the south pole party made it to the pole, but died on the way back.

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