Friday, December 21, 2012

Ballard HS Security Issue Today

Not sure what happened but Ballard HS didn't have their scheduled Winter Sports Assembly due to some kind of security concern.  SPD was called in but apparently nothing happened and nothing was found.  I have no other details as the district is now closed for the winter break.  Maybe they will issue a statement.

Update on security from Superintendent Banda and President Smith-Blum:

Superintendent José Banda and School Board President Kay Smith-Blum are releasing a joint statement on the NRA's proposal to have armed guards in schools. 

The safety of our students and schools is of utmost importance to us. Our schools have a zero-tolerance policy on weapons on school grounds. We do not believe adding guns to our schools will accomplish the goal of keeping our students safer. 

We agree with Governor Gregoire and President Obama calling for action, including a ban on assault weapons. Further, as a community, we must have deeper conversations about the availability of weapons and the amount of violence our children are exposed to on a daily basis.

There will be solutions moving forward from last week's tragedy. We are forming a joint working group with the Seattle Police Department and our community to develop recommendations for improving school safety.


Anonymous said...

On the MyBallard blog forums someone with a police scanner said this was true of all the high schools, and that there was some kind of big aid response at Franklin HS. I couldn't confirm this at any news site, so no idea what is accurate, whether the Franklin thing is related or just something else unfortunate that happened at/near the school.

Unknown said...

As the Nation Reflects So Should We
We here at Seattle School District Exposed would like to take a moment to acknowledge resent events. The loss of 26 innocent people (20 children and 6 adults) at Sandy Hook Elementary has rocked us and the nation to the very core. Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the families of the victims and the families of children who's lives have been forever changed.

It has been no secret that SSDE has felt the the Seattle School District has been failing to adequately provide security and protection to our children. In light of this recent tragedy we feel obligated to once again bring this matter to the forefront.

After looking into the matter during the school board election we have found that while "Security Specialists" are assigned to High Schools and Middle Schools no Elementary School has been assigned one. The rationale behind not giving Elementary Schools "Security Specialists" is that there aren't enough "severe" incidents at Elementary Schools to need "Security Specialists". In short, employing a "Security Specialist" to stay at an Elementary School is not cost effective. A better business model being employing "Security Specialists" to mobile patrols that conduct checks and respond to Elementary Schools.

The ideal situation would be that no school would ever need security. This however is sadly not the case. While the need for security has been reduced to triage, it has been applied wrongly in this situation. The school districts criteria for security has obviously been about severe instances among students. When one looks at the elementary level of "severe" instances one must look out side the student body for the threat, children are more vulnerable to adults than any preteen or teen. It is the violence of others that we must take into account.

Every High School in the district has at least two security guards some three. Every middle school has one. But not one is assigned to an Elementary School. These "Mobile Security Specialists" are to make security checks and respond to "Severe" incidents at Elementary Schools. The thought that they respond to trouble is somewhat comforting, but that they would have a response time like the police is not.

This is something that we feel needs to be addressed. This is not meant to be confrontational or political, now is not the time for hyperbole. We as a community, and as a city, have to look at these children and ask ourselves if our pride is worth more to us than protecting our children.
Let us know what you think.

Let us know what you think.

Email us at NICKESPARZA@seattleschooldistrictexposed.com

Jet City mom said...

Im much more concerned about bullying behavior on the playground, on school busses and in the classroom than I am about strangers in the school.
When staff including administration don't know protocol for reporting a concern regarding children for whom they are responsible, how is an armed guard going to make them safer?

mirmac1 said...

There is no one under Banda who has, as their first priority, bullyproofing our schools. Every teacher, principal, school can make it up as they go along, with most much less competent than the few.

Those who claim to care the most about social justice, closing the achievement gap, and various other slogans would do well to ensure every child felt secure, cherished and dealt with fairly in her/his school each day.

Anonymous said...

See article Published on Saturday, December 22, 2012 by Common Dreams
Tec-9’s for Teachers? Arming Educators Gets a Failing Grade
by Jesse Hagopian


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