Monday, December 17, 2012

I've Said It, Now Stats Prove It

Parents, you REALLY are giving to your schools.

From Education Week (bold mine):

It turns out that schools are hotbeds of civic volunteerism, and parents are the lifeblood of that activity. So says a study released recently by the Corporation for National and Community Service, in partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship.

The study showed that volunteerism in America is at a five-year high, and parents of school-aged children volunteer at a higher rate than the overall population. These parents contributed more than 2.5 billion hours of their time to volunteer efforts in 2011, most of it to school-based projects.

The rate of parents volunteering in 2011 was 33.7 percent. While this was a nearly negligible increase (0.1 percentage point) from the prior year, it certainly does add up. Some 22.7 million parents volunteered, and if the hours they devoted to their work were paid, it would be valued at $54 billion, the group calculates.

I have no doubt that those stats are valid for Seattle (if not higher).  If no one else has said it lately, thank you Seattle School parents.  

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