So Heartwarming, It Couldn't Wait

From our friends at the West Seattle blog, a story of kindness from students at West Seattle High School:

Often the first-hand raves (or rants) surface in the WSB Forums – but the past few days have yielded a couple of gems to share here in the news section. The latest is from Laurie:
I wanted to share a heart warming story about what my mom experienced (Tuesday).
She was heading to Safeway to get her groceries around 1 o’clock when her car stalled in the intersection by Jack in the Box on Admiral. She tried and tried to get it to start again while enduring all the rude people blowing their horns at her.
She couldn’t get it to start so she got out of the car and started to try and push it out of the way…really…she’s 80 years old!
While trying with no success but the horns were still blowing from the trucks and cars that were held up…NOT ONE ADULT got out of their car to help her…then her Heart filled with warmth..she heard voices shouting in the distance “don’t worry lady, we will help you”; out of Jack in the Box came about 10 high school girls and boys and pushed her car into Safeway parking lot for her.
My mom couldn’t thank these kids enough. Just as quick as they appeared, they left, I suppose their lunch was still waiting on the table for them.
Mom called West Seattle High School and shared her story and wanted to try and relay a message to the unknown Angels that she has a renewed faith in our youth of today and is and will always be very grateful to these young people.
I’m hoping the parents of any of these Angels are followers of WS Blog and will know that they are raising great kids. Happy Holidays to All.
Yes, thank you Angel Teens at West Seattle High School for your kindness to an elderly woman who needed help. 


Anonymous said…
Awesome story. Students at their finest...

seattle citizen said…
I agree with Molly! Students have lots of heart, and demostrate it often. It's nice to see this instance was recognized!
Anonymous said…
That's West Seattle. Despite our growing pains, we're hanging on to the old small town feel we all treasure as long as we can.

Oh, but wait: We're in the South End, near White Center, South Park, Georgetown & Burien (Boo! Isn't that scary!) And the bridge traffic sucks, and um, we don't have light rail, but do have a steel plant & lots of heavy industry. Therefore, none of you should ever consider moving over here, because it's really a terrible place. In fact, we don't have indoor plumbing and have open sewers. So anyone is crazy to live here! (Now that oughtta do it...) WSDWG

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