Thursday, December 06, 2012

Charter Convention Announced

The "Washington Charter School Resource Center", a long-time website for charters in Washington State (started by Jim Spady of Dick's fame), announced a convention in Tacoma for all things charter.

It's on Saturday, December 15th at UW Tacoma from 9-5.  It costs $25 per person before the 9th and $35 after the 9th.

Oddly, this info isn't at Stand's website or LEV's and the link at the Spady website is gone. Luckily I have one.


Anonymous said...

The typo in their newspaper ad would be hilarious, were if not for... No, it is hilarious.

Pubic Charter Schools?

--Beacon Hill Mom

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that link did not work:


--Beacon Hill Mom