Happy Holidays!

Charlie and I will naturally be on a bit of a hiatus through the end of the year. 

My computer desktop is flooded with many ed articles and I may throw up a couple of "ed reading" posts. 

Otherwise, consider the Interim Plan for capacity management with your friends and be prepared to state your case in early January. 

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday!


mirmac1 said…
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you! I may post a little light reading to during the break. Just my little gift to the unelected shadow school board...
Slivka the Scrooge said…

Millionaire Ben Slivka poured over $100K into the YES on I 1240 campaign and fought for the passage of I 1240.

Reuven Carlyle asked (on his facebook page) if we would support taxes to fund education across the state..here is what Ben Slivka had to say:

"Ben Slivka No more taxes. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Free up public schools so they have flexibility."

They say that Eastern Washington does not want to pay taxes, but geesh, Slivka doesn't live that far east!

Unknown said…
@Slivka the Scrooge,
This is not news. Slivka lives in a bubble of Ayn Rand-inspired free-market fantasy. I think his theories are totally inline with people who live in the rarefied air of Medina, Clyde Hill and Hunt's Point. I am pretty sure that efforts to prevent Libertarians, Republicans and wealthy ed-reform Democrats from buying houses in from buying residences in that area would not only be illegal, but highly impractical.
Slivka the Scrooge said…
Thanks, Mary. I was unaware of this little fact. Looks like we have a few people in the Medina area with a disproportionate amount of influence.

Happy Holidays
SkritchD said…
School reform blogger article from Madison, WI http://host.madison.com/ct/news/local/writers/pat_schneider/schools-advocate-tj-mertz-talks-about-madison-prep-teachers-and/article_44b6f51a-4c88-11e2-990d-001a4bcf887a.html
tahir sumar said…
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seattle citizen said…
Happy holidays to Melissa and Charlie - thanks for all your work on this blog and around the district.
Happy holidays to all the readers and commenters - stay interested! Public education needs you!

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