Good Stuff for Kids this Weekend

Honk! Fest West. 

HONK! Fest West is a free, three-day, community-supported music festival devoted to marching bands, drum corps, samba lines, and anything acoustic and mobile that makes a ruckus. We revel in celebration of street band culture by taking mirth and music to the streets and parks of Seattle.
Always family-friendly, always free :: fanciful costumery and audience participation are *highly* encouraged!

HONK! Fest West 2013, Seattle’s free festival celebrating street band culture with fanfare performances, will be taking the streets and parks by horn, drum, and HONK!er on June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

Fremont Fair and the Solstice Parade (parade is Sat at 3 pm but there is also a dog parade for all on Sunday )

Fremont, Fri. 6/21 to Sun. 6/23, FREE
Note: most know this by now but if not, the Parade DOES feature naked (but painted) people on bikes. 

One of my favorites (and starting Monday) is the Trader Joe's Silent Movie Mondays at The Paramount.  This year's series has international silent films. 


Charlie Mas said…
Many of the dogs in the dog parade are also naked.

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