New Principal Appointments

Did your school get a new principal? How was that appointment made? How much input, if any, did the community have in the decision? Are you happy with the choice?

If you're not happy with the choice, what do you plan to do about it?


Anonymous said…
Last year, after the whole Gregory King debacle at Lowell, we were able to meet with District officials to identify what we wanted in our next principal. Teachers and parents sat in on the principal interview. We ended up selecting a phenomenal leader, Dr. Smith who is a breath of fresh air for SPS and Lowell. Like all quality people who come to SPS, I'm just concerned he will not stay long. We have a track record of keeping mediocrity and honoring those who have been here for decades (the ones who have created all the problems) while challenging those who are trying to fight the system to make the necessary changes to best educate our children.

- For once, A Happy Lowell Parent
Anonymous said…
John Rogers Elementary is getting a new principal next year, Sara Mirabueno,due to the retirement our current, and much beloved, principal, Marcia Boyd.

I think all-in-all the level of community involvement in the principal hiring process for John Rogers was very good. All families were asked to participate in a survey, to give our thoughts on the attributes we wanted in a principal. There were also representatives from the John Rogers PTA and Staff on the hiring team.

John Rogers families have already had a couple of opportunities to meet our new principal, and she has been very well-received. We will definitely miss Marcia, but I think Ms. Mirabueno will be a good fit for our community, and I look forward to working with her.

-JR Mom

Anonymous said…
3 years ago Green Lake was assigned a new principal. Our PTA President made sure she attended the district training in the hopes of being able to be part of the interview process. In the end she was told since the principal we were assigned was an internal candidate there would be no parent participation in the interview process. This particular principal had struggled at her previous assignement -- North Beach. My personal take is that the district knew if there was parent involvement in the interview process this particular candidate would have struggled winning over the support of parents. The results of this assignment have been mixed. Some families love her friendly welcoming personality while others have concerns about her laid back management style, disorganization, and poor communication skills.

In terms of the big picture, What is so disappointing is the lack of guidelines for this process that apply to schools across the board. It seems like the parents at some schools get to be part of the process while others have no say at all. Parents should always be part of the process, even if the district has the final say in who it ultimately hires or assigns.

Green Lake Parent
lendlees said…
HIMS sent a survey to parents to gauge what characteristics were most important to them in a principal. The hiring committee then used that feedback to craft questions for the candidates.

I'm pretty sure the PTSA president was on the hiring team.
tk said…
Don't fall for the characteristics survey as a replacement for community engagement for hiring. It is just a gimmick so the district can say they had "input" without actually allowing any parents on the hiring committee. It's a real eye opener to be on a hiring committee- the district allows only a pre-screened few candidates to be on the short list for interview selection, and many times it is clear at the beginning who will be chosen (which is actually only a "recommendation" as the district always reserves final say, and has overridden hiring committees more than once...).
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Mcgilvra gets its own 3rd grade teacher, a principal trainee. No community input. A done deal.

Anonymous said…
At Salmon Bay lat year we hired a principal. I am fairly certain the survey sent to parents about what we wanted to see in a principal was not a district survey, but made by the parent group-- it was pretty specific to us. There were at least two parents (maybe more?) and I believe a student on the hiring committee. It did not feel like we were just assigned someone.
-Salmon Bay parent
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