Teens and Drunk Driving - It's Prom and Graduation Season

This very sad video was made by the Issaquah Police Department and Eastside Fire and Rescue and was performed at Issaquah High School. 

Watch it.  Show your teen.  Don't shrug and say "Kids will be kids" or "I trust my kid." 

When my mother would express concern for me when I was a teen driver, I would tell her I was a good driver.  (I also did not ever drink in high school.)  She would look at me and say, "It's not your driving I'm worried about - it's the other guy's."

This video uses that concern to very good effect.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the video!

The Prevention WINS coalition in NE Seattle launched a video about the consequences of underage drinking and driving and it may be viewed on the homepage of our website: www.PreventionWorksInSeattle.org.

The video ends with Dr. Leslie Walker, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children's Hospital, providing parents with tips on how to prevent underage drinking.

If anyone would like more information, they may contact me at PreventionWorksInSeattle@gmail.com.

-- Inga

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