Have You Been to a Mayoral Forum Yet?

Or are you waiting to see how it all shakes out after the primary on August 6th? 

On the one hand, the one person I did not want to be mayor - from a public education standpoint - was Tim Burgess.  He made it much easier because he walked away.  (But he made it clear he hoped for a new mayor in the fall.) 

I am continuing to talk with all the candidates and it makes for some interesting discussions.  What I plan to do is offer tidbits of those conversations and make some suggestions for candidates I think would be good for public education.  There won't be any endorsement per se of one candidate. 

There are several mayoral forums coming up this next week:

Sunday, June 23rd, the South Lake Union Mayoral Forum at  2 pm at the Immanuel Lutheran Church at Pontinus and Thomas (moderated by C.R. Douglas - I'm a big fan of his). 

Wednesday, June 26th, the City Neighborhood Council Forum from 6-8 pm at City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room

More Information -Submit Candidate Questions: seattlecnc@gmail.com
The NW Film Forum asked the candidates about their favorite films about politics and political philosophy and is running some of them in a festival from July 5-8.

To Kill a Mockingbird - Mike McGinn - a great film and a good one for older students (probably 5th grade and up).
All the President's Men - Kate Martin - also a great film about uncovering the Watergate scandal
Papillon - Bruce Harrell - a good film (and interesting choice)
The Wind that Shakes the Barley - Ed Murray - I haven't seen this one but it was directed by Ken Loach, a great director and is about the struggle for Irish independence.
Buddy, The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Mayor - Peter Steinbrueck - a documentary of the mayor of Providence

Me?  I like the choice of To Kill a Mockingbird but I also liked The Candidate (from 1972 with Robert Redford) and Election (a high school election but with all the political machinations you might find in any big scale one). 


Anonymous said…
a WMS Julius Caesar -
let me have men about me that are fat, sleek headed men,
such that sleep at night.
yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look, he thinks too much,
such men are dangerous.


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