Meeting about Stevens Enrollment Boundaries

From the Central District News:

Do you live in the Stevens Elementary enrollment boundary and have a preschool student you are planning to enroll in the next couple of years? The Stevens Capacity Task Force is hosting a community meeting on June 5th, at 7:00PM in the Stevens Library to share information regarding the planned enrollment boundary change for the 2014-15 school year. We are looking for your input in response to the information we have collected. The Task Force will use the input gathered from the community to make a recommendation regarding the Stevens boundary change to the district. Hope to see you there!

(Editor's note; I think these meetings are a great idea but it would be better to present to the district a regional perspective.  You can't change boundaries in one school/region without a ripple effect.)


Anonymous said…
Stevens has been coordinating with other elementary schools in its area including Montlake, Madrona, McGilvra, and Lowell -- and perhaps others. It is a very regional effort.

Smart, good news. The way to make a point is being united.
uxolo said…
Won't TT Minor be available by 2014-15?
TT Minor is to become the location for the World School.

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