Seattle Schools This Week

Even though school is out there are several important meetings this week.

Tuesday, June 25th
Work Session on Growth Boundaries, 4:30-6:30 pm, no presentation yet available.
This is the Work Session that Tracy Libros referenced in her remarks to the Board at the School Board meeting last Wednesday.  She mentioned that Lucy Morello of BEX would also be presenting in conjunction with capacity management.

Community Meeting about the Wilson-Pacific projects, 7:30 pm at W-P

Wednesday, June 26th
Work Session on Strategic Partnerships and Communications, 4-5:30 pm  (I have no idea of how anyone thinks there could be any real discussion of any of these departments in this amount of time.  It's just ridiculous unless, of course, the idea is to NOT have discussion.)
- Government Relations presentation
- Office of Public Affairs and Communications presentation.
- School and Community Partnerships Department presentation.  Oddly, this one includes the new - - - Office of Strategic Planning and I'm not sure why.  I also note that the Urban Schools Human Capital Academy got taken out of this plan.
- School Family Partnerships presentation (not yet available)
- Race & Equity presentation (not yet available) 

Work Session on Transition to Common Core State Standards, 5:30-7:00 pm, presentation
Also interesting as the district has been very low-key on this subject as other states forge ahead.  A LOT of concerns about this one.  I note that Director Carr, based on public testimony, has asked Legal for a clarification about FERPA and student data  at the July 3rd Board meeting (which can easily be predicted to be woefully under-attended).

Checking the presentation, there it is - the early warning that we have been seeing in NY State and warned about (even by Danielson):

An expected increase in rigor in a Washington state Common Core test:
–Based on a comparison between WA state tests in 2011 and NAEP, districts should prepare for a 

10 –33 percentage point drop in reading and math proficiency.
–In 2012, 24
-31% of students scored below proficient in reading and mathematics. The district should prepare for this to grow to 40-50% under a Common Core test.

A knee-slapper -
- educate the community about the goals of Common Core

A little late in the game for the district to be getting to this but better late than never.

The key slide is on page 22/23 on Needs Assessment, Resources , Leadership and staff, and Be Prepared.  Is our district ready on all levels and do parents even know this is coming and what it means?

Work Session on Board Evaluation, 7-7:30 pm
Not sure what they will say in a half-hour but maybe Director DeBell will apologize for his open (and disrespectful) words to Seattle Weekly about another director in violation of Board policy (which I believe he holds near and dear to his heart).

Thursday, June 27th
Community Meeting about the New Thornton Creek Bldg., 7pm at TC Elementary

Saturday, June 29th
Community Meeting with Director Patu at Caffe Vita, 5028 Wilson Avenue S from 10 am to noon.

Sunday, June 30th
From SPS Communications:

Each year, Seattle Public Schools teams up with the Safe Schools Coalition to march in the annual LGBT Pride Parade.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students, families and staff, along with their straight allies and friends, are all welcome to participate.

The public is invited to join School Board members, leadership staff, and members of our larger school community as they march along the parade route in downtown Seattle on Sunday, June 30.

The parade starts at 11 a.m. and travels along 4th Avenue from Westlake Center to the Seattle Center. A big school bus will serve as the “float”  and participants can ride the bus, or march along side.

In light of the Supreme Court rulings likely to come this week on gay rights issues, this parade may have more meaning than ever. 


Charlie Mas said…
I was reading the Communications Management Oversight presentation and it says that the District hosts "media roundtables".

Huh? I don't remember any media roundtables, but they claim to have hosted 11 of them in the past two years. Can someone remind me of them?
Charlie, they have had a few but you have to be in the media to get in. I'm not sure I remember being invited to 11 but I was to a couple.
Charlie Mas said…
The first "Let's Talk" community engagement event on the Growth Boundaries will be this week.

Thursday, June 27 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Room 2700
Anonymous said…
There is also the Thornton Creek BEXIV project meeting this week:

New Thornton Creek Building Project
Thursday, June 27, 2013, 7–9 p.m.
Thornton Creek Elementary School
7711 43rd Ave. N.E.

Anonymous said…
Oops. Feel free to delete my previous post (I later saw that the meeting was listed on Melissa's post).
mirmac1 said…
Huh? Nate Fitzpatrick (the TFAer with two whole years) is Manager of Strategic Recruitment? Let me guess, he emails the TFA alum network for referrals.

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