Washington State Charter News Comes With Questions

Over the Washington State Charter Schools Association, they announced the "members of the inaugural Washington State Charter Leader Cohort."  

What's striking to me?

1) "...over two dozen applicants in a national search."  Two dozen over the entire country?  That's all?  Boy, I would have thought they would have droves.  After all, this is what they get:

Cohort members will receive coaching on writing a charter school application and board member recruitment. They will also receive a planning stipend during 2013-14, and a variety of support services, including travel to visit high-performing public charter schools, and office space.

2) Here's what they say about the selection process:

Representatives from parent, university, school district, and charter communities participated in the selection process.

It would be interesting to know what school districts but I certainly hope it wasn't anyone from Seattle School District.

3) Guess who one of them is?  Kristina Bellamy-McClain, the just-departed principal at Emerson Elementary School.

She's former TFA (of course) and the announcement of her as one of their "leaders" leads to one big question.

- These leaders will apply to lead high-quality public charter schools for underserved students in Washington state.

Really?  So maybe she's planning on taking OVER Emerson.  As a conversion charter.

She was principal at Emerson for two whole years and as anyone knows, that's five years in TFA years.  And, her Ex Director had been Bree Dusseault, another TFAer who did her stint in SPS and then left. 


mirmac1 said…
Bellamy-McClain was all set to hire a TFAer for her building, except enrollment numbers were not what they expected. She happily follows the reformy track without regard for her students. I'm glad she is no longer with SPS.

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