Annual Program Placement report

I picked up a draft copy of the annual program placement report at Monday's C & I meeting. It was written by Misa Garmoe, the recently hired Executive Director of School Operations. She has been on the job for about three months. This is a new job which is different from the Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

The copy I saw was clearly labelled as a draft and the final report won't be released until January 31, so I won't comment on it in detail yet. That said, I think the report is seriously flawed and I have sent Ms Garmoe my suggestions for changes. I don't really expect her to make the kinds of changes that I suggest, but I did offer them nonetheless.

The draft I saw included a lot of information about changes to curricular foci rather than programs. None of those should have been included. In addition, the information provided about changes to programs did not include the sort of details required by the policy.

As I often say, the fact that all of my efforts are futile does not absolve me of the obligation to make those efforts.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your efforts to keep the School District accountable for important policy decisions and the follow-through.


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