Live Blogging from Charter Commission Meeting

Starting out a bit disorganized with several people lost.  But meeting appears to be starting on-time.

Eight members of the CC are present (Doreen Cato has a health issue and is not going to be here - what that might mean for any given charter is unknown).

President Steve Sundquist says law makes this process  "complicated."   If denial, must have reasons. If approved, attach any "conditions"  (if any). Make resolution to pass each itemand all work done in public.

Public Comment

Again, with this lottery process to speak.   I still think it is wrong because it allows some charters to be heard and some not to be heard.  As well, you get nothing from the public.

Sunnyside Academy, that narrowly missed the "approved" cut, is pleading their case to be approved with conditions.  (Their financials were not up to par.)  They say they can narrow their enrollment numbers so that can raise the funds.  They had 2 speakers.

SOAR is pleading that their application was not properly reviewed and there are inaccuracies.  They say they got dinged for saying they would use levy dollars in year three which is legal (true but if the levy didn't pass, they would not have those funds).  They also say the evaluators say they have no fundraising ability and yet SOAR says they have two fundraisers on the Board including one professional fundraiser.  They want to approved this year and not have to apply again.   They say they have met the rubric.  They had 4 speakers.

Pioneer (Evergreen) is pointing out that innovation isn't something that can be necessarily measured.  Says report is "biased" against them and that some reporter (didn't name newspaper) that has a bias against military-related schools had filed a story against them.   Say errors of fact and errors of omission in the evaluation.  (Report says they are not financially stable.)  One of co-founders said she was "offended" by evaluation.  Says Oregon is the anarchist capital of the Northwest and that's why some people there don't like them.


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