Bingo (or Drinking Game Alert) for SOTUA

I used to have bingo sheets for School Board meetings (particularly when we had an ed reform superintendent that had every ed reform phrase in the arsenal).  It helped pass the time.

So in honor of tonight's State of the Union Address, here's a mock-up for your own "education" bingo sheet for the President's speech.

Possible words/phrase the President might use:

- choice
- college and career ready
- teacher
- data
- reform
- Duncan
- Common Core
- testing
- classroom
- schoolhouse
- early childhood learning
- teacher evaluation
- class size

Name your favorite.


Anonymous said…
Duncan was not mentioned by the POTUS. However, Duncan stupidly put out an #AskArne tweet prompt following the #SOTU and after answering a few softball questions, he cut and run, much like Michelle Rhee did a couple of weeks ago.

Yes and I forgot "bubble test."
Anonymous said…
very good idea! will use it - next to this one - is always a very good choice as well :) very recommendable - you will find good deals - free bingo etc. :)

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