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Among the many unusual things I've done in my life (not many but some), one was working as a volunteer investigator for one the Seattle public defender offices.  It was fascinating work and I got many insights to both sides of the law.

One thing that troubled me, though, was that we were told not to bother to look up any record of our clients.  We could look up the victims or the witnesses but we were told not to bother with our clients.  Naturally, I did and most did not appear to be in the church choir.

But a wise lawyer said to me, "We're not really defending any one person. We're defending the Constitution."

That's the point I was trying to make recently.  That if even one person tries to silence anyone else from speaking out on a public issue at a public forum (or reporting on such), it is a blow to all.

I'm not sure most of you understood the issue of my concern because it really was not about me (although I am grateful for the many people who were concerned and let me know).

It's about the life of this blog and the ability 
for Charlie and me to do this work. 

When you have someone who seeks to ban you from Board meetings, City Council meetings or education committee meetings at the Legislature as well as prevent you from talking to any of those who serve as elected officials for those entities on certain topics, well, that kind of effort might make this blog go away.

I believe this blog to be a good resource and sounding board - for better or worse.  Its existence, I believe, is a good thing.

I had also wanted to explain to readers that there is a law that protects anyone who wants to speak out on a public issue in a public forum from lawsuits that would seek to silence them.  I myself had not known about it and was glad to learn of its existence.

I thought it might be of interest given we are all discussing public issues in a public forum. 

But discretion being the better part of valor, we will have no more discussions on this particular topic except to say that Charlie and I will continue to write about public education issues, no matter where that leads us.

I like to think that's defending the Constitution.

(No comments needed for this thread and I will delete any comments about it in any other thread.)

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