Washington State Charter Commission Meeting - Part Three

Trying to keep up; details to come.

Also to note; the Times has not had one piece of news on this.  Again, quite strange.

Seventh application - First Place - an existing K-5 school for students with trauma, approved 8-0.

Eighth application - Green Dot - approved 7-0 with one abstaining vote

Ninth application - King County Academy - denied 8-0

Tenth application - Out of the Box - denied 8-0 

Eleventh application - Pioneer School - denied 7-0, one abstaining vote

Twelfth application - Rainier Prep - approved 8-0 

Thirteenth application - SOAR Academy - approved 8-0 - first vote to go against evaluators recommendation to deny.  Commissioner Dziko fought hard for this one and it came in with a condition to redo a budget with some vagueness and seemingly high number of adminstrators.

Fourteenth application - Sports in Schools, coming up


Anonymous said…
Here is the Time's coverage:
Well and here's the thing. The Times has this on their "blog." The comments don't work, it's not on the main page and it's not under "education" on their tabs. They have older stories under the "local" tab and this is from noon.

I'm thinking the Times is not happy and just doesn't want too much attention on it.

Anonymous said…
Agreed, it seems buried.
Anonymous said…
So what outcomes would Seattle Times have preferred to see?


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