Wednesday, January 08, 2014

OSPI Terminates Agreement w/Seattle Times

I have just received word from OSPI that the data sharing agreement with the Seattle Times has been terminated.  Don't get too excited as apparently a new one is being written.

Details to follow.


Unknown said...

Well, I, for one, am pretty excited! I am excited because I am hoping for better protection for our student's data, and I am excited because I would love to know the back story.

mirmac1 said...

Listening to Banda's comments at the Board mtg. Perhaps SPS brought the termination of the current agreement...?

I know that Ron English has previously denied FRL data to CCER and others.

mirmac1 said...
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mirmac1 said...

BS. English claims that a PRR would reveal more data than "an affirmative agreement", that OSPI argues the DSA "protects" families more.


mirmac1 said...

The Public Records Act only provides that existing documents be released. Not data dumps. There are avenues to restrict educational records via PRA.

Melissa Westbrook said...

I'm at the Board meeting and listening to the discussion. I do not like what I am hearing so my work and the work of others on this issue is cut out for us.

Too much blah, blah misinformation. Very sad.

mirmac1 said...

In my opinion, Clover Codd is the face of misinformation. She makes Ron English look good. : b

Period! said...

Parents and guardians should be the ONLY ones giving permission for their children's data to be shared.

Anonymous said...

Who is legally responsible if harm is done as a result of data release?


Wondering said...

Will tax-payers be funding the bill for the Seattle Times to receive OUR children's data?

dw said...

curious asked: Who is legally responsible if harm is done as a result of data release?

Outstanding question.

Ultimately, this would be decided by the courts, and of course there would be great attorney expense along the way. Not only to decide responsibility, but to determine damages.

Our district (and many others) are occasionally found to be at-fault when bad things happen, for a variety of reasons. The difference with this situation is that data will potentially be released for tens of thousands of students all at once. If, no, when problems arise, the potential exists for damages that could conceivably be more than a public entity like SPS could handle.

There is so much wrong with this data give-away. People need to start calling and emailing OSPI directly, to register complaints. If enough people overwhelm their inboxes and better yet, phone lines, it will get their attention. If you don't call to complain now, don't expect their mindset to change!

Can someone post the best phone # and email address(es) to use?

mirmac1 said...

Here's one way to lobby. I'm posting this for Dora:

Representative Elizabeth Scott is looking for people, parents specifically, who can talk about the student privacy bill that she has sponsored and concerns about your own student’s privacy.

If you are not familiar with it, the bill basically requires that there be an auditing of all of the policies that affect student privacy including RTTT, how RTTT is affecting our students in Seattle, concerns about how it might affect the life of a student with special needs, etc.

She asked me to ask parents to speak specifically because of my involvement with PAA but I’m sure anyone concerned with this issue should speak up also.

The hearings start at 8:00 AM next Wednesday in Olympia. The routine is that you sign up and hopefully get a chance to speak.

She also said it would be of great value for as many parents to show up as possible in support of the bill even if you don’t want to speak in front of the committee.

Here is a link to a summary of the bill, Bill 2133 , and here is a link to the actual bill, Text of Bill 2133.

Representative Scott and I agree that this bill will bring more of an awareness to what is going on in terms of the loss of privacy for our students and get more parents to become involved in protecting the rights of their children.

Please let me know if you would like to speak to the committee or attend in support.