Tell the Legislature - Obey McCleary and Fully-Fund our Public Schools

The Legislature has started its new session but because it is not a budget session (and therefore shorter), no one seems to think too much will get done.  Issues include the DREAM act to allow college financial aid for children brought illegally to this country, health insurance covering abortions, reducing the costs of vehicle registration and, oh yeah, fulfilling McCleary.

Here's a link to the legislators.  You only have to write to one and you will get a prompt that asks if you want your message to go to both your reps and your state senator.  Pretty easy. 

Let them know that there are mandates that our district can't avoid like Common Core.  That needs to roll out well and that means money for professional development and technology updates to support those assessments.  We need lower class sizes.  We need more supports for at-risk high school students in danger of dropping out.  Arts, STEM, you name it.  These cannot just be talking points to legislators - we need to see money to embrace all these promises.

This is NOT throwing money at schools; it's supporting the mandates and needs of schools and the most important imperative for our state to complete - fully-funding public education.


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