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We can all feel this way sometimes. 


IMHO Seattle school children are served very well by the blog. The issues you raise provides an education to many parents as to what is going on in the district and without your efforts we would be far less informed and thus unable to lobby for issues that directly effect out children. I only wish I had your energy!. Thanks you Beth, Charlie,Andrew, Melissa, Johnny and Michael.
Anonymous said…
Agreed, this blog is highly informative for many of us. I rarely post, but frequently read, thank you so much for all the effort.
Unknown said…
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Jan said…
Melissa: it sounds as though you have had a rough fall/winter over this lawsuit. I just want you to know how much I have appreciated the time and effort that you and Charlie put into this blog. Do I agree with every position you stake out (well, no -- but I also disagree with some of my spouse's positions, my kids' positions, my best friend's positions.

I also like it that you and Charlie are transparent enough that when people push back (think you have stepped over a line, or been too harsh, or whatever) -- you actually PRINT those comments (with or without response). Not everyone would be willing to.

Your work has been SUCH a service -- at least to me. Blessings on you both.
Joe Wolf said…
Echoing the positive comments above. I've worked in two other large districts - San Diego & Douglas County (south suburban Denver). A blog like yours would have been a huge asset in both places and I'm very happy you've provided it for us here in Seattle.

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