Another MPHS Student Dies

It was announced last night that another Marysville-Pilchuck High School student, Gia Soriano, died last night.  She was 14 years old.

I note that there are still three other students in the hospital in serious condition.  The Times reported that the two boys were cousins of the shooter (who killed himself). 

The school is closed this week to allow for some of the initial shock to wear off.  One student said he could not go back in the cafeteria.  I think it might be wise for the school to repaint and reconfigure the room so that students don't get that shock from walking into the room.  I'm sure the school staff will do what they can to help mitigate those feelings for students.

Teens feel quite deeply.  Of course, from the distance we have as adults, it can seem like a lot of high drama over an early romance.  But to teens, their world IS high school and as parents, we need to take it seriously and not gloss over it or ignore it.  (I am not saying the shooter's parents did this - parents aren't even always aware of the issues.)  But it helps to talk to your teen and especially not to allow them to brush off something that you feel in your gut is serious.  (I recall the murder of a Roosevelt students by two friends over a girl and that parents knew there were issues but did not realize how serious they were until it was too late.)

It also helps not to leave guns where a troubled teen can access them, either to hurt themselves or others.   


Anonymous said…
Student brought a molotov cocktail to Center School today. I forwarded the tweet to you.

hschinske said…
I think one thing we need to teach children from the very beginning is that nothing they feel about another person makes the other person their property to claim, punish, or destroy. Our culture being what it is, it's most often necessary to emphasize that boys don't own girls, men don't own women. Take that entitlement away, and most revenge killings make no sense.
Jet City mom said…
I remember the murder of that teen boy as well, it was only ten years ago, and wasn't the vice principal notified beforehand? Twice?
( by voicemail, I believe)
The district got off light with only a $250,000 payout to the boy's mother.

The media in most articles is misconstruing the incident at Marysville- Pilchuck.
The shooters girlfriend was not there and did not attend that school.
cmj said…
Regarding your point about gun control: most teenagers don't own their own guns. Fryberg used them quite frequently for hunting, so his parents would have probably trusted him to be responsible with guns. Seems like he was, most of the time.

What's the solution, then? Children don't automatically stop being reckless or impulsive the day that they turn 18, but I think that it would be good to make it illegal for minors to own firearms. Make adults keep guns locked up unless they're using them or supervising someone using them.

My heart goes out to the boy's parents. They've lost a son, they're no doubt worried about the two nephews in the hospital, and they're probably blaming themselves for something that no one truly understands.

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