Garfield Students Plan TWO Walk-outs

 I first heard from Issa George, who is the VP of the Garfield High Black Student Union.   He says:

On Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 we are hosting a march from Garfield High School to the East Precinct of the Seattle Police Department on 12th and Pine.  We plan on beginning our march at Garfield High School at 3:30pm, then we plan to walk up 23rd until we reach Union st. where we will make a left and march up Union until we hit 12th, then we will proceed to the police department.

We are using this march to call attention to the mass amounts of police brutality that happen in our country every day. We have prepared a statement to address the Seattle Police Department. Our march is completely student run, and adult supported. We are advertising this as a place for young people of color to express their feelings about the police. Attached is our statement. We are only affiliated with Garfield High School, and this is a Black Student Union lead march. 

Here is their statement.  They end it with this quote:

Warning' by Langston Hughes

"Negroes, Sweet and docile, Meek, humble, and kind: Beware the day They change their mind.”

The other walk-out, as I previously reported and now confirmed by the GHS PTSA, is tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd at 1:50 pm (the number of students who will be affected by a class going away). 


Po3 said…
It is a walk out at 1:50 in protest for teacher cut and a march to all attention to police brutality at 3:30 (which is after school).

So not actually two walk outs.

Regardless, looks like the media will get a lot of bang for their buck.

Anonymous said…
Last time Garfield rattled the establishment, the nation listened and the district backed off. (MAP test). Go Garfield. Your student actions show you are thoughtful about your education.

I am leaving Garfield administration out of the accolades. The sexual assault case reverberates.

Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
The PTSA letter says the protest is Thurs. 10/23 at 1:50
Anonymous said…
The deadlines for coming up with large amounts of money so that 150 students don't have a hole in their schedule are unbelievable--two days to raise $94K.
(Sarcastically) Oh c'mon, you GHS parents can raise those funds, can't you?

It does look like extortion.
mosfet said…
Kudos to the students!

I have to agree with Melissa and GHSmom that it looks like extortion. The district keeps on asking parents to raise 10s of thousands of dollars in scant days to keep teachers at their schools (remember the situation at Gatewood Elementary?). I have difficulty believing that the district recently discovered the funding issues and couldn't have given parents a few months to raise money. Or that they couldn't use reserves to cover it.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I actually read the students' manifesto about the police and it's extremely troubling. I understand that there are racist incidents that happen with police and that there are some bad cops. But this manifesto states that all police are part of a corrupt system and that police work in general as descended from the Runaway Slave Patrol. Wow.
In a neighborhood which is begging for more policing to stop the frequent shootings, murders and other violent crimes, assuming that the police are the enemy (regardless of any specific evidence) is counter-productive.
To have students proclaiming that all authority is inherently corrupt and repressive is damaging to their futures and their communities and should not be encouraged by any responsible adults.
Anonymous said…

I disagree with your comment 100 percent. The police will never clean house until they are forced to. I am old enough to be these kids' grandfather, and they have my full support and best wishes. They are demanding that authority BE legitimate, which is what every single one of us should be demanding.

-- Ivan Weiss
Anonymous said…
The police should just leave the CD to its own demise. We can revisit reincorporating around 2114.

--Ivan Weiss

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