Seattle Schools October 2014 Enrollment

Here you are.


Anonymous said…
Can you make these numbers available in something besides Scrbd? Not everyone has that app. Maybe list the website? Thanks.
Anonymous said…
If you make a scrbd account, you can download the excel spreadsheet.

Stephen said…
Here's a Dropbox link to the Excel spreadsheet:
Anonymous said…
Where did this data come from?

Anonymous said…
I checked the counts for John Rogers (total 352, including 85 kindergartners). It seems about right, though last I heard we were at 357.

- North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
Does Montlake really only have 18 5th graders? Assume everyone moved to APP, a couple to Lakeside, maybe. Wow.

Purple and White
cmj said…

I can't speak for Meg, but maybe the data came from the OSPI report cards?
kellie said…
The running start enrollment information can't be found on this report. However, it was on the Oct p223.

Total RS 736
College Only 243
RS Voc FTE 25.56
RS NonVoc FTE 481.14

Total FTE - 509 students.

Approximately 1/3 of RS students are full time at the community college and the remaining 2/3s are part time.
cmj said…
Sorry, meant that the 2001-2013 data probably came from OSPI report cards. 2014 data wouldn't be posted there yet.
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