Garfield Field Trip Update

From Garfield parent (and sometime blog contributer) Johnny Calcagno:

 As Principal of Garfield High School, I take the safety and security of every student, faculty and member of our GHS community very seriously. Recently, field trips were put on pause until improvements were made to the Seattle Public School's field trip guidelines and protocols.

I am pleased to announce that effective October 13th, 2014, Garfield High School will again accept and evaluate field trip applications.

Seattle Public Schools has put considerable effort into revising and improving upon their field trip regulations, paperwork and procedures. I encourage you to go to the below link* and review the forms and guidelines that are now in effect. The District was responsive to our input and I am pleased that our school contributed towards the dialogue for improvement.


A few additional field trip forms will be unique and specific to Garfield. The Garfield behavior/code of conduct form was revised (Please see attached here) and will continue to be a part of every field trip packet. Additional training for all faculty and chaperones, improved safety resources and a concentrated effort to encourage dialogues within our community are all critical components of this effort. We must continue to work together in order to grow and to create every opportunity for successful, educational and enjoyable field trips for years to come.

Thank you all for your support and feedback during this time of improvement. Please continue to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with me personally. Together we will continue to build a stronger school and GHS community. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Ted Howard II
Principal Garfield HS 

Garfield HS PTSA

I have looked thru most of the forms.  It is unclear to me what is new and what has existed but it does seem like this is good coverage.  (I also think it is now not permitted for teachers to bring their own younger children on a trip.)


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