Superintendent Nyland's Statement on Maryville School Shootings

The following is a brief statement from our Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland. He is the former Marysville School District superintendent.

"My heartfelt thoughts are with the families, students, staff and entire Marysville community during this difficult time."

What a terrible day for him.  I'm sure he must know many staff members at the school.

Superintendent's statement to the Seattle Schools community. (partial)

It is a struggle for adults and children alike to try to comprehend why and how such a senseless and shocking incident could occur. Excessive and repeated media viewing can create increased anxiety, and therefore limiting ongoing exposure is recommended. Additionally, talking about the incident can be a healthy way for families to process their feelings and reactions to an event of this nature.
You know your child best, so be mindful of the timing if and when you choose to discuss this with them. Here are a few suggestions for helping students feel safe:
  • Maintain a normal routine.
  • Stick to facts. Answer questions factually.
  • Remain calm and reassuring. Students take their cues from their parents and adults. Be a good listener and observer. Pay attention to changes in behavior.
  • Notice when children have questions and want to talk.
  • Be especially loving and supportive; children and teens need you even more at this time.
  • Take care of yourself. You are better able to help your students if you are coping well. If you are anxious or upset, children are more likely to be so as well. 
Additionally, the following resources from the National Association of School Psychologists may be helpful:
Today is a tragic day. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the students, staff and families at Marysville Pilchuck High School and the entire Marysville community.


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