Let the Data Collection Begin on Seattle Tots

1B will give all enrolled their first chance to be part of a very large state/federal database of public school students.


Voted NO1B said…
Let's not forget that Microsoft hosted a prek event and Ed Murray was a speaker. Of course, they had John Higgens from the Seattle Times moderate the event.

Microsoft is working on I-cloud. Something tht can hold all that wonderful prek-20 data.
Voted NO1B said…
Melissa links to Duncan's photo which promotes Teaching Strategies Gold.

The city plans on using Teaching Strategies Gold in their prek plan.
Anonymous said…
Jesus H! Our babies (human capital) should be off-limits to economic hucksters and their stooges like Duncan at least until they're 5 years old.

Is every child born in America to be viewed as a tax-revenue source to foot the future bills so billionaires can go on avoiding taxes for eternity? The self-interested double-speak of these goons is simply galling at times, and the shameless Duncan smiles as he says it. Arne's never seen a bad idea he didn't like, which pretty much kills 1B for me.

Anonymous said…


Transparency Please said…
1B has been SILENT on the issue of P20. I've heard Burgess et. al on the campaign trail. What do they have to say about P20? = Nada.

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