Seattle Schools' Enrollment Data, 2001-2001 to 2014-2015

From the brilliant and hard-working Meg Diaz, data on enrollment for about the last 15 years. 


Anonymous said…
Meg is awesome!
Thanks Meg!

Dan Cory said…
I made a quick chart of this data using Tableau - it's a lot easier to see this way!
Unknown said…
Nice work, Dan Cory!
app dad said…
Great work Meg and Dan. So the Tableau shows a 1.25x raise roughly for Stevens and roughly the same decline for Thurgood Marshall - anyone know what is up with that?

good job!
Anonymous said…
Great work Meg.

Hopefully all the parents who are newer to the cat-and-mouse data game with SPS will learn to collect and share this data each year before the job preservationists in Facilities and Enrollment find new reasons to withhold information from the public.
Robyn said…
Here I go again. I just added up Northgate, Greenwood, Bagley and Olympic View 3, 4 and 5th grades and took 30% of B. Thompson same grades. These are the schools that will roll-up to WilPac starting 9/2017. There are now 850 seats plus some number of portables (6 max?). I totaled 755 kids. SPS better hope for HUGE attrition to fit all the kids at WilPac that are slated to go there. I didn't include APP since I forgot what they were estimating, 225-250 kids? WilPac will be fine without APP, but where will they go? Oh, wait, I forgot there will be LOADS of room at Whitman. :)
Robyn said…
Someone explain to me how I can be so far away from SPS predictions. Plus, this is for 9/2017 using 3, 4 and 5th grade numbers. If you use current 1, 2 and 3rd grade numbers, things are BAD! After tallying the same numbers as WilPac above for Whitman, I'm channeling my inner Carly Rae Jepsen:

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,

912 for Whitman 9/2017! The APP kids aren't included in either tally.

Green Lake Parent said…
Hi Dan,

In the charts the numbers go beyond 2014-2015. Where is the data for the future coming from? I don't see it on Meg's spreadsheet. Is it just mislabeled?

Green Lake Parent
AnonMon said…
The data continue onto facing pages, but the scribd file doesn't show it easily. You may have to print the pages and tape them together or download the excel file.
Meg said…

there are some columns I moved when I punched the 2014-15 data in and forgot about. They are not data columns at all, in any way - they're just me dorking around, thinking about things. I just forgot to delete them.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you like the charts. The data is just exactly what Meg published. She had two different data sets for 2014-2015. I had to pick one, so I used the "unattributed spreadsheet" column. I'm happy to make updates if there is new data.

I don't know what happened with Stevens, but it looks like they had some large incoming K classes.

Also, I added some charts to reflect Robyn's WilPac projections.

robyn said…
Interesting chart for WilPac, Dan, thanks. I think SPS's fallback plan for the WilPac debacle is that Whitman will have tons of room. I don't get it at all. How can they project 650 kids at Whitman when WilPac opens?
Green Lake Parent said…
OK, that makes sense Meg. The data in the chart makes it look like Green Lake is predicted to shrink, which is very misleading since our boundary is now ginormous and very much influenced by the by the rules for enrolling in McDonald & John Stanford. (Green Lake's upper grades will always be large from now on since all kids 2nd grade and up who move into the boundary will be sent to our school -- they can't start in language immersion unless they can pass the language proficiency requirements.)

Dan, given Meg's comment that the additional columns weren't meant to be included, can you take those columns (predicting beyond the current year) off the charts? I'd hate for someone to try to use that information thinking it was a legit prediction.

Green Lake Parent

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