A Chance to Talk about the Installation of Nyland

Guess who's having a last Coffee Chat on Monday?  Superintendent Nyland (although I'll lay odds it gets canceled).  And guess who is joining him?  Director McLaren.

Please join Seattle Schools’ Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland in the upcoming West Seattle Community Coffee Chat:
Monday, December 1st
Neighborhood House High Point

West Seattle
6400 Sylvan Way SW
Seattle, WA 98126

Dr. Nyland is grateful to have this opportunity to meet and talk with our West Seattle families and community members about the educational issues that matter the most to you and your family. Dr. Nyland looks forward to listening to your feedback, concerns, and questions.

Guess who else has a Community Meeting right after that Superintendent Coffee Chat?  Director McLaren.

Neighborhood House High Point Center, 6400 Sylvan Way S.W. from 7-8:00 pm.

Might be a good time for some questions. 

Lastly, there is the Board retreat on Saturday the 6th which I will not be able to make but I sure hope someone goes.  It could be a very entertaining and revealing one.  It's from 10am-2 pm at JSCEE.


Julie said…
"Please join Seattle Schools’ Interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland in the upcoming West Seattle Community Coffee Chat:
Monday, December 1st
Neighborhood House High Point
West Seattle "

Didn't Murray launch his preschool intitiatve at Neighborhood House? Oh...I'm sure we'll have lots of Nyland supporters in this crowd. Perhaps these same individuals will testify during the board meeting in support of Nyland. Shocking.
Julie said…

Here is the article:

Anonymous said…
High Point? I will pass.

Come onMan
Anonymous said…



Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wondering said…
PSP offers an interesting link.

The city's prek program is intertwined with Highline. Documents from the Gates Grant use both P5 and prek-5 language. It should be noted that p5 also means prenatal to 5 years old. What is going on?

Anonymous said…
The Interim Superintendent Coffee Chats have been run as "Meet and Greets" not as candidate forums.

I attended one of the previous Coffee Chats. There was no indication that we were to ask questions of him that would pertain to him functioning in the role of permanent superintendent.

Just because the Coffee Chat scheduled for High Point/ West Seattle falls during the limited time frame between the posting of the board meeting agenda and the Board vote on the appointment of Dr. Nyland as permanent superintendent does not, in my opinion, qualify this meeting as a candidate forum.

- North-end Mom
I didn't say it was a candidate forum. But a coffee chat is a chat. I think you can pretty much ask what you want and see what the answer is.

If he refuses to answer anything specific, it will say a lot about him.
Anonymous said…
True, but my point, perhaps not well-stated, is that this coffee chat should NOT be considered adequate community engagement for the School Board's upcoming vote on the installment of Dr. Nyland as permanent Superintendent.

I can see some members of the Board attempting to bill it in this way.

- North-end Mom
NE Mom, you give them too much credit. No one but me is saying that. Thanks for the clarification.
Anonymous said…
ComeOn Man,

What does your comment re: Highpoint mean? You are aware aren't you that the entirety of Highpoint has been rebuilt with Hope IV grants and it is an active thriving diverse community, and home to WS Elementary and Middle College (Middle College having been thrown out of SSCC due to SPS negligence and landed at Neighborhood House). Neighborhood House's meeting room is probably too small for the numbers anticipated tomorrow night and parking is a logistical challenge in this dense neighborhood. Note the meeting was scheduled before the Wednesday night Thanksgiving Supt. surprise.

In any event, Comon Man, your comment is not appreciated.

Anonymous said…
BP vest optional?

When does the pandering stop!

Will Furg
Anonymous said…

What's the policy on racism in the comments? It seems like there have been quite a few comments that border on or clearly are racist lately, yet they are not nipped.


Anonymous said…
@Will Furg:

Guson stop you from making racist comments?

You don't need a bullet proof vest to visit High Point.

You need an OM- an Open Mind, something you don't seem to have.

Charlie Mas said…
My policy on racist comments is that "Sunshine is the best disinfectant".
People who make racist (or sexist, ageist, classist, etc.) comments only discredit themselves.
While the anonymity of this forum doesn't allow for the bigots to be identified, they are easily dismissed.
Protecting free speech doesn't mean protecting the speech that aligns with my views. That's easy. It means protecting the speech that I abhor. There is no integrity, no morality, until it costs you something.
Anonymous said…
You forgot homophobic.


I'm going to High Point and I'm not worried at all.

Charlie states our policy well. I'm not hearing racism here so much as stupidity in those remarks. Best thing to do - ignore them.
Charlie Mas said…
Thank you, elephant.

So I will now add:

or homophobic, or transphobic, or xenophobic, or any similar variation from the view that all people are deserving of respect and deserve to be seen as individuals.

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