Highlights from Board Meeting

More fleshing out tomorrow but:

- Lunch/Recess Matters made a huge impact at the Board meeting. Armed with signs, cute kids (and a couple who were great speakers "We need to get the wiggles out") and, most of all, research and facts to back up their argument, speaker after speaker asked how so many schools were cutting back on the length of time for lunch/recess. 

The press release about the lunch/recess issue did not entirely jibe with what Pegi McEvoy told the Board about what the district is doing.  She said there were two taskforces so I'm unclear if the one referenced in the press release is a new one or one of the existing ones.  I'm seeking clarification.

- Directors Carr and Patu were not in attendance. News that Communications head Lesley Rogers is leaving was sad news for all. Rogers is one of the most hardworking yet cheerful people in SPS and she will be missed.  

- The Board voted 5-0 to reject the district going forward with applying to acquire the Federal Reserve building for a downtown school.  The downtown speakers were decidedly subdued and encouraged the Board to go for the building at auction.  (I don't know where that money would come from either but it makes more sense.  Again, still waiting for downtown businesses to step up.  Longtime district watcher Chris Jackins pointed out that it seems like developers want the district to step up to help better downtown (for more density) and yet they don't want to help pay for amentities for that density.  


Just Saying said…
It makes perfect sense to have a downtown school, but downtown residents should be contacting their legislators.

Any anger furled at the board is unfair.
Carol Simmons said…
Director Peters is to be commended for her remarks about the Garfield and Ingraham students speaking out.

The School Board should strongly urge the Principal at Ingraham to not only approve the Indigenous Peoples Day Assembly (requested by the Native and Latino Student Club) but assist in the planning and production of this important historic and cultural event.
Wondering said…
Why was Carr absent? The downtown school was a big vote.
Odd Carol that despite Garfield being in Blanford's region, he said nothing about the Garfield rally nor the issue around it.

Also interesting that Martin-Morris who almost never acknowledges public comment did for Lunch/Recess Matters.
Anonymous said…
were some of the directors wearing green (lunch/recess matters "uniform") purposefully? seems like that wasn't coincidence.

one of the problems with lunch/recess timing is nuances like the teacher in the portables who lets the kids out late, plus their long walk to the lunch room stopping at bathrooms to wash hands, taking 10 minutes off the top. on paper, maybe the kids have 20 minutes, but really 10. or the "pass" method a lot of teachers i know use. "finish this problem, then you can go to lunch/recess". or keeping half the class in for recess b/c they need further instruction on a topic. my theory is this boils down to (mostly well-meaning) teachers fearing poor reviews due to poor test scores. the kids need a black/white rule, bell rings, it's dependable kid time, not up to the any teacher's prerogative.


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