A Tale of Two Measures

Update: West Seattle meeting with Senator Sharon Nelson

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Nelson says she expects the Republicans to ask that i-1351 be suspended.

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Passage of ballot outcomes according to Seattle Schools:

1B for Preschool: Yay! Great! Thanks Seattle voters.

1351 for Lower Class Sizes : Not so much.

From Interim Superintendent Larry Nyland:

It is too soon to know exactly how I-1351 will impact Seattle Public Schools in the wake of the Supreme Court McCleary ruling and actions anticipated during this Legislative session.

Class size is one of the top four priorities of the McCleary ruling and long overdue since Washington’s class sizes rank among the highest in the nation.

If fully funded by the legislature, the initiative would have a significant impact on staffing and building facilities. That will put pressure on Seattle  to find additional classroom space in our current buildings.

Moving forward, the district will follow the deliberations of Washington State Legislature as they determine funding for McCleary and I-1351. We will work with the Seattle Education Association (SEA) on implementing legislation that comes from I-1351. 

Seriously?  If the Legislature funds 1351, the district would have many more resource staff to offer students.  Is this decided distance because those staff would be at the school level and not the headquarters' level?

And 1351 "would put pressure on SPS" for classroom space?  And 1B wouldn't? Preschool isn't even a K-12 funded mandate by the state.

Well, we know where those political chips are.  We also know which way the wind blows for Interim Superintendent Nyland.


Anonymous said…
Nyland proving that just like the rest of the shambolic crowd down at JSCEE he's not fit for purpose.

Anonymous said…
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DAD of three said…
Better, Enfield. but not much...

I must say that the fat heads in the district office.... have kids in SPS. Some at least? If they don't and if they go private then... Why?

eat your own dog food right?

If you don't have kids i can understand that. If you do and are working on policy decisions for all of our kids that don't affect yours. @#%# you.

If you are truly a decision maker please tell us if you have kids in a nonpublic school and get your last pay check at the door.

Seriously that is the corporate model. You would never go into a meeting with Billy G with an iphone right? Put up or shut up. I would say this across the board.


Put up or shut up.

Formally announcing that anyone paid to make decisions on schools have any dependents attend such schools or disclose why they chose another path.
Ed said…
Few of them even live in Seattle.
Patrick said…
Maria Goodloe-Johnson had a daughter in South Shore. I'm not sure it made MGJ a better superintendent, though.

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